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  1. Hi Jan, My message didn't have enough detail. I understand about putting multiple data pages on a webpage. I wanted to have the ability to via a button, be able to pull in different data pages within same webpage.Similar to what would be accomplished like a lightbox popup -- but I don't want a popup. Think of it as being able to pull a calculator into the primary window. Thanks, Larry
  2. In my app I will be storing a large quantity of information about a client that is segmented into multiple tables such as notes, financials, employees. I'd like to make it possible so that when a client record is showing, they have easy access to see these detail records. So on a client form they could choose to see any of these data pages.
  3. I wish it were that simple and I was not clear enough. The excel function Payment is used as follows to determine monthly payments when fed a loan amount, term and interest rate. Example: PMT =PMT( 5%/12, 60, 50000 ) with answer being $943.56. I'm looking to create an amortization schedule that lists out each month the declining balance and amount attributed to principal and interest. Because caspio has limited excel functionality, I'm going to have to find another way externally ... I think
  4. I need to to perform functions that will calculate payments based on a loan amount, interest rate and term. This is an easy function in excel: =(MAX(Payments!M3:M32))/12 BUT, can I get some suggestions as to how to do this in Caspio? Secondly, I'd like to get an amoritzation schedule showing payments and declining balance over a period of time such as 1 year, 5 years, etc. Has anyone done this in Caspio?
  5. I'm trying to import a simple one row of test data and one row of column names. It gives me an unknown format message. I've tried using .xls, xlsx, even csv. Nothing works. I've read the forum messages and there is no clear cut solution. What's the secret?
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