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  1. I read the topic about the javascript signature pad. We would like to see if anyone has good history with working with PDF signatures.....from PC's and mobile devices. We are not opposed to a 3rd party solution such as Docusign, but we do not know if there are any that integrate with Caspio? We have submission forms which will need legally binding signatures.
  2. We have an app where we are using an html page with a javascript redirect based on a value in the authfield. The problem we are having is when staff updates the value and sends the customer an email with the link, if the customer was already logged into the site and clicks the link their authfield value has not been updated because they were logged in with the old value. Is there a way to force the refresh of the authfield values or another solution we can use? The redirect we are using is posted below: <script> if("[@authfield:PaymentVerified^]" == "No") { window.location = "[@app:PaymentInstructionsURL]?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]"; } else { window.location = "[@app:CustomerDashboardURL]?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]"; } </script>
  3. We figured this out so I will share..... <script> if ("[@field:fieldname^]"=="No"){ document.getElementById('dynLink').innerHTML="<a href='https://c0cmr504.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=123456789101112?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]'>Link To Complete</a> "; } else { document.getElementById('dynLink').innerHTML="<a href='https://c0cmr504.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=987654321121110?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]'>Link To Review</a> "; } </script>
  4. I am trying to use an HTML block to insert script in a report to show a different hyperlink based on the condition of a field in the authorization....I tried to write and looking at it hopefully someone can help with what I am trying to accomplish: <script> if("[@field:PrioiritiesComplete^]" == "No") { window.location = "<a href="https://c0cmr504.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=ExampleA?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]&Email=[@authfield:Email]">Link To Complete</a> "; } else { ("[@authfield:EngagementSigned]" == "Yes") window.location = "<a href=" https://c0cmr504.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=ExampleB?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]&Email=[@authfield:Email]">Link To Review</a> "; } </script>
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