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  1. As part of my application, I want to send an e-mail to my customers. The e-mail needs pull information from 4 different tables in my app. I've tried doing this by creating a view including the tables and using the acknowledgement e-mail as part of a submission form. The problem might be in the way that I set up the View. The result is the acknowledgement form does not "pull" the information that I need from the 4 tables. I'm looking for help in one of two ways. 1. Is there a good help aid on creating views that contain 4 tables including both one to many and many to many relationships. 2. Other than a submission form, is there a way to pull info from multiple Caspio tables and send it as an e-mail. If not in Caspio, does anyone have a recommendation of another program that can read the Caspio data and send the e-mail? Thanks, Scott
  2. I need some HTML help for an Acknowledgement E-Mail. When I send an Acknowledgement E-mail to a customer, I want to send some additional information if they responded clicked on a checkbox in a submission form. I believe this can be done with If and Else statements, but don't know how to write the script. In layman's terms, this is what I'm looking for. IF "Smart Meter Authorization" is checked, THEN include a paragraph about Smart Meters ELSE don't include a paragraph about Smart Meters Thanks, Scott
  3. I have joined 3 tables in a view and the default join type is "Include only matching records". I would like to "Include all records", but this is grayed out and I am not allow to select it. What could be preventing me from selecting it? Thanks, Scott
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