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  1. For the 'file' data type, Is it possible to force a file deletion when selecting 'remove'. It seems the remove option only removes it from view, but the file still exists. So if i upload a file of the same name as the deleted one, the new attachment is renamed with '_1'. I know it is possible to request orphan file cleanup, but is there any way to delete the file immediately? regards allen.
  2. Same result with REPLACE, but i found a fix... The import (update) with text(64000) field works fine from the older '.xls' excel format, but not from an .xlsx workbook. thanks ~allen
  3. I am attempting to import data from excel to a text(64000) field in an existing table, using the 'update' action. this problem is... the import is truncating the notes field at 255 characters. during the import, it seems to automatically decide it is text(255). the only way i can force it to import as text(64000) is to create a new field, instead of updating the existing field. In the table design, the notes field to be updated is definitely text(64000). am i missing something? regards ~allen.
  4. amayne

    Truncate File Name?

    Thanks for your response, but I prefer not to use a static file display name. I had a play, & came up with this html block. I would be interested to know if it can be done in a more concise or 'correct' way. regards ~allen var str1 = '[@field:SC_uploadCustomerContract]'; if(str1.length > 36) { str1 = str1.substring(4,36)+"..."; } document.write("<a href='[@field:SC_uploadCustomerContract/]'>"+str1+"</a>");
  5. In datapage > tabular report > results page... for the file datatype, is it possible to modify the layout to truncate at x characters? I know this is possible for text or url, but it would be nice to do the same for long file names. maybe is it possible to hyperlink to a filetype field in an html block? regards ~allen
  6. Thanks Aurora. so it seems yes i can change the icon, but not the 'view details' text. regards ~allen.
  7. Hi, in the tabular report results page, is it possible to customize the 'view details' results link? I would like to modify the icon or text. Thanks ~allen.
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