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  1. Thank you, but I don't want them to open up in a pop up window. For example, in a Tabular Report, if you click the Details link on the far right, the Details page will open in a new page. You would then have to click Back to see the Results again. I would prefer to have the entire Details page open in a lightbox on the same page, so that people don't have to go back and forth between Details and Results. If Details could be opened in a lightbox, users would technically be staying on the Results page, and would be able to quickly close the Details lightbox and see the Results page behind it immediately, and quickly pick another Details page. I saw that it was possible to have specific fields open in a lightbox, such as an image, but that was if it was on the Details page. Your second link also showed me that it was possible to have the entire Results page open in a pop up window after the search form; thank you! I want to know if it is possible to find a sort of middle ground and have the Results page open as normal, but be able to have the Details page open in a lightbox instead of in a new page. Sorry if this is still unclear; please let me know!
  2. I saw in this article that it is recommended to keep search forms short, and use an advanced search form if necessary. However, I could not find an article on how to link a simple search form and an advanced one together. What I would like to do is to have a simple search form, with 3-4 fields, and a button/link that says "Advanced options" that will expand the search form to reveal maybe 10-12 fields. I do not want to have the new advanced search form open in a new page; I'd prefer that everything stay on one page for the user's convenience. Ideally, I would like one long search form that can collapse to 3-4 simple fields, and expand to reveal all fields if necessary. Is this possible? Thank you!
  3. As of now, the Details page of my DataPages open as a new link and refresh the page. I saw that there was a way to have images in the Details page open in a lightbox; is it possible to have the Details page itself open as a lightbox? Thank you!
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