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  1. Thank you, but I don't want them to open up in a pop up window. For example, in a Tabular Report, if you click the Details link on the far right, the Details page will open in a new page. You would then have to click Back to see the Results again. I would prefer to have the entire Details page open in a lightbox on the same page, so that people don't have to go back and forth between Details and Results. If Details could be opened in a lightbox, users would technically be staying on the Results page, and would be able to quickly close the Details lightbox and see the Results page behind it imm
  2. I saw in this article that it is recommended to keep search forms short, and use an advanced search form if necessary. However, I could not find an article on how to link a simple search form and an advanced one together. What I would like to do is to have a simple search form, with 3-4 fields, and a button/link that says "Advanced options" that will expand the search form to reveal maybe 10-12 fields. I do not want to have the new advanced search form open in a new page; I'd prefer that everything stay on one page for the user's convenience. Ideally, I would like one long search form
  3. As of now, the Details page of my DataPages open as a new link and refresh the page. I saw that there was a way to have images in the Details page open in a lightbox; is it possible to have the Details page itself open as a lightbox? Thank you!
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