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  1. i am building a content database and would like to charge for membership, i need a payment gateway solution...
  2. I am creating a database to hold clients list and am looking for a way to link the company profile to employee details page
  3. i have a search page where i am searching using a view and i would like to hide columns that are totally empty
  4. Hi, i am deploying my pages using the URL and I need to clear the parameters, how can i add ?cbResetParam=1 to the page URL
  5. Sheik

    Word Report

    I need to create a datapage where my client can type in a report. My would prefer if the section resembles Microsoft word processor and need a search option where any keyword can be picked from the "MS Word" section
  6. Sheik


    Hi I am building an app to book DJs and would like to link paypal to receive payment after the booking is made. Pleas advise how i can go about it
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