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    Toby got a reaction from FunnyPictot in Searching Multiple Database Records Using Multiple Fields   
    I am new to using Caspio and would appreciate some help building a form and report which searches across 4 language database entries (L1-L4). I need 9 language search boxes in 3 columns (this will be expanded later to allow more parameters). The logical connection between each of the four boxes in each column vertically is AND and the relation between the 3 columns horizontally is OR. For example, to find people in the database who speak English and German and/or Spanish (and any combination of these), would look like on the search form:
    English                      English                    English                       
    AND                            AND                         AND                         
    Spanish     OR          Spanish        OR     German      
    AND                             AND                        AND                        
    German                 [no selection]             [no selection]           
    I have built the form datapage using virtual fields to try to pass on to the report but I am struggling at this point. I can see that it is easy to have one search box searching records in L1-L4 using virtual fields, but not multiple search boxes searching multiple records in L1-L4.
    I have already looked at the various tutorials and guides on the caspio site but I cannot work this out. 
    My general query is: is this possible?
    My more specific question is: is it possible to pass parameters from more than one virtual field to the report? More particularly, if, as in the case above, I have made no selection, can Caspio be told to ignore those fields for the purposes of the search?
    Many thanks for your help
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