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  1. I cant seem to upload a picture to the forum but here is a link to a screen clip of the issue: http://mineral.systems/iframeissue.html
  2. Chad- As stated in my message, I am having a similar problem. Here are some screen clips of the issue in more detail. Any help is much appreciated! My top page is : Project-Parent. html within that, projectdetails-ad-child.html has project details (receives [@Project_ID] from report of projects) Within projectdetails-ad-child.html, I have another IFrame (id=Owners1) which displays Owners-if.html. Owners-if.html is a page within my site that has two datapages embedded on them which list owners. I want to pass the Project_ID as a filter to this page on load of the tab. I wil
  3. This works for me when using the URL deploy method but if I want to embed a datapage on another page in my site, then embed that page in the iframe, it does not pass :/
  4. I am trying to filter datapages that are embedded within a page that I show within an iframe and I can not seem to get the parameters to pass into the I-Frame when the parent page is loaded. I have a "Project" report with custom link to details page. This link passes Project_ID fine to datapages actually embedded on the target page. What I want to do is embed other pages (hosted on same domain) via IFrame and have the results of datapages embedded on the page shown in iframe filtered by the Project_ID. I want to use I frames to reduce load time, data usage and also have the ability to
  5. Chad- Curious what you decided to do? Maintaining imported values was my main concern with using random ID vs PK.
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