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  1. Thanks Xiang! I was able to get the script to work, but only under certain conditions. First, the script only worked when I used a table as the data source for my datapage. A view data source did not allow the script to function properly. I made sure to use the exact name of the field in my view, but did not work. I then tried to change the data source to the parent table and changed the name of the field from that table and it worked. Any Idea as to why a view would not work? Second, even though I was able to get it work using the parent table, it would only work in a preview, but
  2. Hi Xiang, I changed the field to the name I'm using and tried the script and it still does not appear to be capitalizing any of the letters. Does it matter if the entries are both letters and numbers? Thanks for your help! Logan
  3. Do these calculations require the paid version of Caspio? I've been looking all over for this in my tabular report and cannot find it anywhere! Also, if so and need to upgrade, can I pass the calculated value into one of my datatables?
  4. Does anyone have a script that will capitalize all letters in a submission form field? Including a confirmation field? I want the entry to be recorded in my data table in all uppercase. Thanks! Logan
  5. Lets say I want to have a subscription service for my caspio users that PayPal will collect, can caspio keep track of those records and allow or deny a user access based on if they have paid their subscription?
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