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  1. Hi all, I am currently developing a recruitment portal which will have vacancies advertised from around 10 different recruitment agents. I understand that using their login information, these agents will be able to post vacancies using Caspio portal. However, these recruiters also would like to showcase/embed their mandates (vacancies) on their company website so that applicants can apply directly on their website as opposed to being directed from the community portal. As neither applicants nor recruitment agents (on the individual websites) will be required to log in, how can
  2. Hi ezIQchad, Could you please elaborate, how to install the script you have mentioned here? In theory, I find it quite useful but faced some difficulties while implementing right codes at right places. Thanks in advance.
  3. Quite useful thread on the topic! Adding further to the discussion, I observed that once embedded the data transfer is nearly 2/3 times higher than individual data page. And in some cases (charts for example) this goes up to nearly Ten folds. Perhaps some could explain why is this happening? Besides I found this announcement made in Nov 2015; may not be relevant in this context but thought I would link it any way. http://blog.caspio.com/caspio-news/update-on-caspios-data-transfer-policy/ Best
  4. Hi Walter Thanks for your reply. I have tried pdfcrowd and it did work great earlier. Since all the datapages are authenticated, it only printed blanks with header and footer. I will have a chat with my account manager to find out more about PDF Generator. In the mean time I found a handy solution that might buy me some time. http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4223-print-button/?hl=print Thanks
  5. Hi guys, Great post! For some reasons I can't get pdfcrowd to print data pages- Having read a post earlier, I believe this is due to authentication settings. It happily converts blank html pages to pdf and omits everything that appear on the embedded datapages. Is there any other pdf converter that I should be aware of? Somebody mentioned about Caspio's pdf generator. Could somebody point me to that feature please? Thanks a bunch
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