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  1. Hi all, I am currently developing a recruitment portal which will have vacancies advertised from around 10 different recruitment agents. I understand that using their login information, these agents will be able to post vacancies using Caspio portal. However, these recruiters also would like to showcase/embed their mandates (vacancies) on their company website so that applicants can apply directly on their website as opposed to being directed from the community portal. As neither applicants nor recruitment agents (on the individual websites) will be required to log in, how can I filter the jobs posted by an individual recruiter? Is it possible to filter the results based on Web IP address, Domain Name or Server IP address - any information that is acquired without a search query? Many thanks Kauntey
  2. Hi ezIQchad, Could you please elaborate, how to install the script you have mentioned here? In theory, I find it quite useful but faced some difficulties while implementing right codes at right places. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am building a simple messaging app, and I would like to hide "Comment" button based on whether user is logged in. So the visitors can read the comments posted by others but in order to answer them, they have to login. Any help greatly appreciated ! Cheers
  4. Hi all, I am looking for a working solution to resize iframe height and width. I have used an iframe to embed a submission form on my website. This form has various rules (4 in total) in place so as per option selected by the users , the form will change its height. Ideally, I would like to resize the iframe accordingly. Will appreciate if somebody could share a successful solution they might have come across? I have browsed a bit and found an interesting discussion thread on stack overflow . I tried various alternatives BUT with no success! The code that I have currently embedded on the webpage is below, ------------------------ <head> <script language="JavaScript"> function autoResize(id){ var newheight; var newwidth; if(document.getElementById){ newheight = document.getElementById(id).contentWindow.document .body.scrollHeight; newwidth = document.getElementById(id).contentWindow.document .body.scrollWidth; } document.getElementById(id).height = (newheight) + "px"; document.getElementById(id).width = (newwidth) + "px"; } </script> </head> <body> <iframe src="Caspio. URL of Datapage" width="100%" id="iframe1" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" onLoad="autoResize('iframe1');"></iframe></body> ---------------------- Any help most welcome! Thanks in advance. K
  5. Has anybody successfully integrated 'auto-scrolling' script or function in their record view? I would like to replace paging feature (<<Page 1,2,3,..>>) with simple and easy to understand " Load more options button" towards the end of the results page. So that user can continue browsing / scrolling instead of bothered with the page numbers etc. you can find one here: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/forum/43-ask-questions-read-answers/ Thanks in advance. K
  6. Hi, I found Caspio's tech tip on adding a date specific new record to calendar quite useful and handy. Which can be found on the attached link below, http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/how-to-create-date-specific-new-record-links-in-calendar-datapages/ However the Java script used within script is only customised to Monthly calendar. I wonder if anybody has tried to alter this script for weekly calendar? I think weekly calendar would offer some clarity and less cluttered space in scheduling appointments and events. Thanks in advance. Script: <script> var month = ""; var allSpanTags = document.getElementsByTagName("span"); for (i=0; i<allSpanTags.length; i++) { if (allSpanTags.className == "cbResultSetCalendarCaption"){ month = allSpanTags.innerHTML; } } month = month.replace(/January /gi,"1/Day/"); month = month.replace(/February /gi,"2/Day/"); month = month.replace(/March /gi,"3/Day/"); month = month.replace(/April /gi,"4/Day/"); month = month.replace(/May /gi,"5/Day/"); month = month.replace(/June /gi,"6/Day/"); month = month.replace(/July /gi,"7/Day/"); month = month.replace(/August /gi,"8/Day/"); month = month.replace(/September /gi,"9/Day/"); month = month.replace(/October /gi,"10/Day/"); month = month.replace(/November /gi,"11/Day/"); month = month.replace(/December /gi,"12/Day/"); var allHTMLTags = new Array(); //Create Array of All HTML Tags var allHTMLTags = document.getElementsByTagName("div"); //Loop through all tags using a for loop for (i=0; i<allHTMLTags.length; i++) { //Get all tags with the specified class name. if (allHTMLTags.className == "cbResultSetCalendarField") { var transfer = month.replace(/Day/gi,allHTMLTags.innerHTML); /*Begin Add New Link Section*/ allHTMLTags.innerHTML = allHTMLTags.innerHTML +'<br><a style="text-decoration:none;" href="URL?Date='+transfer+'">Add New</a>'; /*End of Add New Link Section*/ } } </script>
  7. Has anybody successfully integrated Caspio Calendar with the Google Calendar and/or Microsoft outlook. I am building a platform for users to offer/ showcase their services to potential clients. I expect them schedule multiple appointments and register for events using calendar provided, which is Caspio super-powered weekly calendar Once user enter information, I would like an automated email sent out to their personal email along with the links. - By clicking these links user can automatically add event data to calendar of their choice either Google or Microsoft or both. I was wondering if anybody on the forum has created similar work flow, or an alternative solution to the similar problem. Please note I come from a non-techie background. Any heads up! greatly appreciated. Best,
  8. Quite useful thread on the topic! Adding further to the discussion, I observed that once embedded the data transfer is nearly 2/3 times higher than individual data page. And in some cases (charts for example) this goes up to nearly Ten folds. Perhaps some could explain why is this happening? Besides I found this announcement made in Nov 2015; may not be relevant in this context but thought I would link it any way. http://blog.caspio.com/caspio-news/update-on-caspios-data-transfer-policy/ Best
  9. I think discussions below can help solve the problem http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/5383-role-based-edits-on-datapages/?hl=insert_datapage_1_url_here#entry16944 http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/5421-is-it-possible-to-display-records-depends-on-role-in-an-authentication/?hl=checkbox http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4866-showhide-buttons-based-on-authentication/?hl=authentication Best luck
  10. Found the answer. http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/resetting-parameters/ Thanks for reading.
  11. Is it possible to delete/ reset parameters (automatically) , passed using URL string , once done? I am trying pass various parameters (three in total) to a single table using one auto submit. Passed data is stored in their corresponding columns ONE at a time. Only one data string is passed at once using URL query method. Just to simplify, data is collected from three different points at different time but they are passed using one Auto-submit to a single table. The situation I am facing here is when I pass one piece of information let's say 'ProductA_ID', the ID gets store in the virtual memory. Now suppose I pass "ProductB_ID' immediately after; In the table it enters ProductB_ID (in column & ProductA_ID (in column A). Which duplicates the ID of ProductA in the same column. One possible alternative would be use of different auto-submits for different products. However ideally I would like to know if there is a possibility to remove ID from virtual memory immediately after passed? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Chad I know I am late in responding but thanks for this. It is a clever solution. Best,
  13. Hi Chad Thanks for your reply. Membership type refers to a type of client let's say free (users) and paid (enterprise). Situation is like this: Paid and unpaid both can add products to their basket but only paid customers can customize it as per their preferences and taste. I am using List and Tabular layout to display products. Depending on the membership type I would like to hide/show Record Action Container and Grid Edit function. Hope this helps. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi All, I would like to hide Record Action Container depending on the type of membership, a user has subscribed to. By hiding, I meant visibility of the container not the interactivity. I understand that it is easy to switch off the visibility by selecting not to display. But this will complicate the matter and far from ideal as I have over 4 different types of memberships and 20 different pages that require Record Action Container - in some cases hidden where as in others either fully displayed ( means Delete and Detail options) or partially displayed( either Delete or Detail). I would really like to have a simple solution that works like this. If this checkbox A & B is checked, display Delete and Detail If checkbox A is checked, display Delete If checkbox B is checked, display Detail If none is checked, hide Record Action Container. These checkboxes are checked automatically at the Record Level depending on the membership type. Thanks in advance K
  15. Hi I have over 5 different search boxes on my site and each box is linked with a separate result page. To put this in perspective, five result pages are projects, consultants, properties, applicants and suppliers linked with their relevant search box on a separate page. Not only this looks confusing but also it consumes 5 different data pages. Also two search strings (out of 4) are common among them - Title and City. I was wondering if there is a way to consolidate them in to a single search box and user can specify separately what he/she is looking for out of those 5 choices, perhaps using a dropdown, which will subsequently open search in a result page of user's choice. What I meant is instead of 5 search boxes and 5 result pages. I would like to go for one search box and 5 result pages. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Best
  16. Hi Walter Thanks for your reply. I have tried pdfcrowd and it did work great earlier. Since all the datapages are authenticated, it only printed blanks with header and footer. I will have a chat with my account manager to find out more about PDF Generator. In the mean time I found a handy solution that might buy me some time. http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4223-print-button/?hl=print Thanks
  17. Hi guys, Great post! For some reasons I can't get pdfcrowd to print data pages- Having read a post earlier, I believe this is due to authentication settings. It happily converts blank html pages to pdf and omits everything that appear on the embedded datapages. Is there any other pdf converter that I should be aware of? Somebody mentioned about Caspio's pdf generator. Could somebody point me to that feature please? Thanks a bunch
  18. Hi Jan Yes you are correct, AutoSubmit Script and Virtual field (which is a listbox) are on a same Datapage. In reference to your question about "One, Second, Third etc.." Since communication is happening between two data pages (sender with an auto-submit script and receiver with gallery/report page) structuring of parameters should be the one that machine easily understands Hope this helps. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi ezIQ, Thanks for your message. Unless I am missing something, what you have suggested refers to passing of A parameter. Whereas I am looking for a solution to pass multiple parameters at once (up to 20 different values). Using virtual : cascading listbox, a group of values will be filtered which will be then passed on to an another data page for second degree of filtering. Hope this explains. Thanks
  20. Hi I have filtered multiple parameters using a virtual filed and a cascading listbox. Now I would like to pass all the values /parameters ( anywhere between 1 to 30) using an auto-submit script. I wonder how easy this is to achieve? Will appreciate any heads up! Thanks in advance.
  21. In reference to the post above, I found a useful discussion on the forum, http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/3694-enable-multiple-selection-for-listbox-with-virtual-fields/?hl=%2Benable+%2Bmultiple+%2Bselection Though it is quite similar to the question I posted earlier, It does not solve the problem. The issue that I would like to solve is similar to passing multiple parameters. However the twist is that I would like to auto-submit all the parameters available in the listbox - without any selection. Thanks
  22. Hi Pilotexpressions, Have you find any solution or work around for this issue ? Will appreciate if you could share it. Thanks
  23. Hi, How can I pass multiple parameters using a Virtual field? Ideally I wish to use an Auto-submit script so I believe URL method wouldn't work. Multiple fields (values) will be cascaded automatically based on User ID when a button is clicked and submitted using an auto-submit script. On the other hand a report data-page will receive all parameters to filter results. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi Master, Please find working script below. Other than a change in timings (from 500 to 3500), bit of extra luck and help from Caspio, I can't spot much difference. My technical knowledge around coding etc.. is nearly zero hence I don't know what was the issue. Hope this helps Header: <script type="text/javascript"> var image1 = new Image() image1.src = "[@field:Image_1/]" var image2 = new Image() image2.src = "[@field:Image_2/]" var image3 = new Image() image3.src = "[@field:Image_3/]" var image4 = new Image() image4.src = "[@field:Image_4/]" </script> Added to an HTML Block: <p><img src="[@field:Image_1/]" width="650" height="400" name="slide" /></p> <script type="text/javascript"> var step=1; function slideit() { document.images.slide.src = eval("image"+step+".src") if(step<4) step++ else step=1 setTimeout("slideit()",3500); } slideit(); </script>
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