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  1. There was never a good solution to this, but I finally came up with this...in case someone else needs to run scripts making sure all cascading fields are loaded. I tend to have a default value in dropdowns and will always have at least one other option available. If you have cascading that may not have an additional value loaded, this may get stuck. RUN WITH jQUERY.... var notDone; function saveValue(){ notDone=false; $('select[name^="EditRecord"]').each(function(){ if($(this).children('option').length<2);//This count works so long as you have 2 or more optio
  2. I know this is very old, but it came up in a Google search for a topic similar to what I do. I submit forms all the time without leaving the page. I like to turn my Caspio forms into an instant storing off values as field change or after they stop typing for a textarea. In short, without going into extreme detail (which it would take and perhaps MayMusic understands this and can take the time), I do this: 1) create a hidden iFrame in the footer of the form 2) I use jQuery and when a field has changed (or after a delay of change for the textarea), I get the value and the field
  3. I have many cascading and non-cascading dropdowns in a form. I would like to execute a script once each and every dropdown is DONE loading. The script I was to attach to all types of dropdowns will be triggered by CHANGE. If I attach this before the cascading is complete, the new script will be executing each time a cascading option is added to the dropdown. I only want the new script to execute AFTER all OPTIONS for the dropdown have been loaded....cascading or not. As I test this, I have my script currently inside document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { wh
  4. I'd rather not. Just imagine a Caspio report datapage, which it is. There is no wireframe. Just a single report. It is not a problem to create the conditions for the report be matching a single value or greater than or less than an input value (or partial match on text). Typically, you have a single input value and the report gives us all results on that condition. I'm trying to get a result where I can pick and choose values....multiple matching in a single report on a single field. Perhaps this will help. Table ID whatever whatever whatever 1
  5. I hope I can explain this clearly. I have a value in a string like "-121- -245- -51- -111-" These could be changed and don't have to be in the format... I need to have a report that shows values from the rows in a table where those numbers are the autonumber assigned the row. So, I want the report to have 4 listed items, 121, 245,51,111 I've tried doing a formula to add "-121-" to each row in hopes that I could do "contains" for a match, but that is not an option. I know I could have all items come in the results and use JS to remove those I don't want. Worst would having to g
  6. Hunting and testing and trying. .. not finding....I would like to have a new submission form that goes to a "display message". That page needs to receive all of the posted values from the form in JS, but I would REALLY, REALLY like to avoid having to individually load each value using [@valuename]. I've been trying without success and don't know if these are passed or available or only loaded server side from Caspio, but my message being displayed is only going to be a relay to send values and load a separate datapage in a different iFrame. There is more post-processing that I need to d
  7. For clarification....code should execute immediately after the page is completely done loading and all cascading fields have finished the initial loading. My case scenario is a page that receives an external value that is passed to a hidden virtual field. That hidden virtual field is the cascading dependency that many other cascading fields are waiting to change upon. They are all hidden, but provide the values I need for my script to act upon. I need to wait for all of the cascading fields to have completely loaded and then begin execution. There are a lot of variables in download speeds
  8. Not finding what I need. I need to wait for form datapage to finish loading all of the cascading text fields before running the script. I have a lot of cascading fields, so I cannot simply rely upon a trigger to fire onchange for the cascading field. Does Caspio have any event trigger that can confirm all loads are finished for all cascading fields? When loading, it should know how many fields are async getting information and it is waiting for a reply to update those fields. Would be great to have an event listener that can tell me ALL CASCADING FIELDS ARE DONE UPDATING. FYI...Data
  9. Alison, This is not a problem with displaying a value. It is a challenge in trying to enter a default value in the saveable fields that will post to the table. Try this so you understand what I am asking: 1) Create a small table with a couple fields. Enter data, if you like. Make the first field in the table called, "AID" as an example. This is NOT a field to be generated automatically (autonumber). This is a number that will connect the relationship with a different table. 2) Create a datapage tabular report and make sure it is given the ability to GRID EDIT and the ability to
  10. I really appreciate and can typically quickly figure out how to use a tool or function based on an example. A few seconds studying an example is worth far more than a thousand words trying to describe it. I've been looking and not finding, but perhaps not searching for the right term? Where are there examples of using the REST or SOAP API in JAVASCRIPT for sending data to or getting data from the table? I would really like to use this, but the descriptions in the help don't get to the actual script examples. Spending a lot of time in trial and error trying to get it to work. Prefer
  11. The desire is to have one of the editable cells (a cell that is storing a value in the table upon edit of the row) have a default value. When you add a new row, none of the cells that are editable can have a default value. I've figured out pretty easily how to do this when NOT in Grid Edit, but in Grid Edit mode, there is a dynamic change to each row when entered and then a storing of the values that appears to be AJAX. I need to be able to have a default cell value that is stored to the table when a new row is being edited or created.
  12. I would like to have Grid Edit by default view with a default value in one cell for each row added (and not user editable). Each row edited and added to the Grid Edit needs to have this common value for the table relationship. Before I waste a lot of time trying to reverse engineer what they are doing dynamically when each row is being edited, would be nice to know if there is already a known way to do this. Grid Edit is a great feature, but to not be able to enter a default value in either the configuration or the actual fields really reduces this overall functionality and forces the user
  13. It will work with freezed header with this line changed: var gridEditButton = $("[data-cb-name='GridEditButton']")[2]; Freezing the headers creates an extra table just for the header. Just need to select the correct link to execute. ;)
  14. No, That would bring up the Caspio error when the form first loads that states that the person must have cookies enabled. The person loads the auth form and submits it only to be immediately returned to the blank auth form and no error. This happening with different people only on Chrome and only within the past few weeks.
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