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  1. Thanks, I will check it out.. I'll aim to go through the settings one by one and match them with the w3.css stylesheet.
  2. Hi, I like to use w3.css stylesheets on my web pages. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/default.asp https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_downloads.asp Sometimes the styles clash when embedding Caspio content. This led me to thinking it would be a good idea to take the standard w3.css stylesheet and write a like-for-like version for the Caspio class attributes. Has anyone been down this road already? Thanks! Jon
  3. The following code in bold has the desired effect. It triggers a change event on the field after it has been updated by script: var changeEvent = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents"); function concatenate() { mydate = document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordDate")[0].value; document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordDate_With_ID")[0].value = list_id+mydate; changeEvent.initEvent("change", true, true); document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordDate_With_ID")[0].dispatchEvent(changeEvent); }
  4. Hi, Using the code below I am populating a text field on a submission form which is then used as a Parent Field on a Cascading AutoComplete Virtual field triggered when the Date field changes. This technically works but I find that the AutoComplete field does not update immediately unless I physically visit the parent field and make a keystroke (say a type space at the end of the value). How can I force the Cascading AutoComplete field to update immediately? Thanks! <script type="text/javaScript"> function concatenate() { mydate = document
  5. Really pleased with the new pricing plans, thank you Caspio!!!!
  6. This could invalidate my business model. Because I've already spent so much time in Caspio, I will see what happens to data stats through optimization: 1. Disabling Ajax on all pages. 2. Streamlining page data as much as possible. 3. Any images optimized to the max. However, a major part of my design is document uploading.. and I haven't even started testing this yet! so I might need to consider an external file repository. Another problem is report printing, going to look at setting up an external PDF generator using PHP/API calls. Caspio are certainly not making it ea
  7. Shocked to find my Data Transfer usage has somehow exceeded 1GB in just 2 weeks! How this is possible in view of the data transfer policy? http://blog.caspio.com/caspio-news/update-on-caspios-data-transfer-policy/ when there are no live users on the system, only me developing it! I will query this with support on Monday but it is potentially a show stopper for me because I can't charge back these levels of over-usage fees to customers.. Seriously, if it's not a mistake and can't be resolved I'll have to pull the plug immediately and use another platform... lol
  8. Yes I was able to hide the entire submission form using the same method.
  9. Could this technique be used to hide the submission form if a virtual field is set?
  10. Hi all, Is it easy to calculate the total number of records in a table to display on a data page? I was thinking of creating a landing page with summary data on it including some record totals. Thanks! JC
  11. Hi, It would be really great to successfully publish datapages in modal blocks (dialog box / popup windows). While experiencing some success at displaying datapages in modals, I can see there are some problems: 1. The entire page refreshes on loading the modal for the first time. Not really a show stopper but something to be mindful of because you see a blank white moment during reload. 2. In a web form datapage, if field validation on submission fails, the page does not return to the modal even when configured to do so via a modal url link. (the popup disappears). 3. Jav
  12. The the resulting date from the above script displays perfectly in Chrome. However in Explorer we get NaN/NaN/NaN despite all attempts to force the date to a text string, ( NaN = Not A Number) Is it possible to make the date to display correctly in Explorer? Thanks
  13. Hi Xiang, I've developed it further since, flipped labels and fields horizontally because it looks visually better and dressed it up with styles but the basic idea is the same. Thanks!
  14. Here's a workaround to flip the mm/dd/yyyy format (displayed) to dd/mm/yyyy pasted into the footer: <script> function ukDateFormat (DateTxt) { DateVar = DateTxt; var DateVar = new Date(DateVar); var dd = DateVar.getDate(); var mm = DateVar.getMonth()+1; var yyyy = DateVar.getFullYear(); if(dd<10){ dd='0'+dd } if(mm<10){ mm='0'+mm } var DateVar = dd+'/'+mm+'/'+yyyy; document.getElementById("MY_INPUT_DATE_FIELD_ID").value = DateVar; } ukDateFormat ('[@field:MY_CASPIO_DATE_FIELD]') </script> I will have another
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