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  1. Thanks, I will check it out.. I'll aim to go through the settings one by one and match them with the w3.css stylesheet.
  2. Hi, I like to use w3.css stylesheets on my web pages. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/default.asp https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_downloads.asp Sometimes the styles clash when embedding Caspio content. This led me to thinking it would be a good idea to take the standard w3.css stylesheet and write a like-for-like version for the Caspio class attributes. Has anyone been down this road already? Thanks! Jon
  3. The following code in bold has the desired effect. It triggers a change event on the field after it has been updated by script: var changeEvent = document.createEvent("HTMLEvents"); function concatenate() { mydate = document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordDate")[0].value; document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordDate_With_ID")[0].value = list_id+mydate; changeEvent.initEvent("change", true, true); document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordDate_With_ID")[0].dispatchEvent(changeEvent); }
  4. Hi, Using the code below I am populating a text field on a submission form which is then used as a Parent Field on a Cascading AutoComplete Virtual field triggered when the Date field changes. This technically works but I find that the AutoComplete field does not update immediately unless I physically visit the parent field and make a keystroke (say a type space at the end of the value). How can I force the Cascading AutoComplete field to update immediately? Thanks! <script type="text/javaScript"> function concatenate() { mydate = document
  5. Really pleased with the new pricing plans, thank you Caspio!!!!
  6. This could invalidate my business model. Because I've already spent so much time in Caspio, I will see what happens to data stats through optimization: 1. Disabling Ajax on all pages. 2. Streamlining page data as much as possible. 3. Any images optimized to the max. However, a major part of my design is document uploading.. and I haven't even started testing this yet! so I might need to consider an external file repository. Another problem is report printing, going to look at setting up an external PDF generator using PHP/API calls. Caspio are certainly not making it ea
  7. Shocked to find my Data Transfer usage has somehow exceeded 1GB in just 2 weeks! How this is possible in view of the data transfer policy? http://blog.caspio.com/caspio-news/update-on-caspios-data-transfer-policy/ when there are no live users on the system, only me developing it! I will query this with support on Monday but it is potentially a show stopper for me because I can't charge back these levels of over-usage fees to customers.. Seriously, if it's not a mistake and can't be resolved I'll have to pull the plug immediately and use another platform... lol
  8. Yes I was able to hide the entire submission form using the same method.
  9. Could this technique be used to hide the submission form if a virtual field is set?
  10. Hi all, Is it easy to calculate the total number of records in a table to display on a data page? I was thinking of creating a landing page with summary data on it including some record totals. Thanks! JC
  11. Hi, It would be really great to successfully publish datapages in modal blocks (dialog box / popup windows). While experiencing some success at displaying datapages in modals, I can see there are some problems: 1. The entire page refreshes on loading the modal for the first time. Not really a show stopper but something to be mindful of because you see a blank white moment during reload. 2. In a web form datapage, if field validation on submission fails, the page does not return to the modal even when configured to do so via a modal url link. (the popup disappears). 3. Jav
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