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  1. Hello JoellaLoge, As far as I know, in the body of the request should be the following text: grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=Client ID&client_secret=Client Secret You can see details in the article: https://howto.caspio.com/integration/web-services-api/rest-api/authenticating-rest/ When you say about maps, do you mean map mashup?
  2. Hello zalipresents, You cannot select more than one radio button, it's limit of the HTML code. But. You can change the size of your listbox. I've used the code to display all items in the listbox and do not display empty items: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* "fieldName" is the variable name for the listbox type form element field. */ var fieldName = "InsertRecordFIELDNAME"; var x=document.getElementsByName(fieldName); x[0].multiple=true; x[0].size=x[0].options.length; </SCRIPT>
  3. Hello Peter, I have used a JavaScript that "confirmed" pop up. I know, it is not the best code, but it worked: <script type="text/javascript"> function to_confirm() { var alertWindow = document.getElementsByClassName("Alert")[0]; alertWindow.getElementsByTagName("input")[2].click(); } function to_delete() { document.getElementById("Mod0DeleteRecord").click(); setTimeout(to_confirm,1000); } if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { setTimeout(to_delete,1000); } </script> You can change "1000" to "100", if your DataPage is fast enough.
  4. Walter

    Filtered Views

    Hi Shelley, I have used the pre-defined DataPage to filter View with parameters. Does it work for you?
  5. Hello, Welcome to the forum. Try disabling AJAX on the DataPage, it's "Results Page Options" screen, "Enable AJAX" checkbox. AJAX and JavaScript in the Footer work incorrectly.
  6. Hi Heyjimi, On your Search page, select the field with dates, add New Criteria (the same was as you add Header&Footer elements or HTML Blocks), select "And" option in the "Logical operator between criteria". Now set the "Greater Than or Equal" comparison type for the Criteria 1 and "Less Than or Equal" for the Criteria 2. It should work. Or select "Dropdown" or "Listbox" Form Element and "Range" comparison type, if it works for you.
  7. Hi Skauntey, If you send me the URL of your page, that is not assigned with any Authentication and does not use a Search page, I will send you the link to PDF for pdfcrowd. The PDF Generator generates a PDF version of tabular reports and it's a paid feature if your account is not Corporate. Probably, you better to contact your account manager for details.
  8. Hi, I have used an aggregation field and a formula like: (CASE WHEN SUM(one)>0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)+(CASE WHEN SUM(two)>0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)+(CASE WHEN SUM(three)>0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)+(CASE WHEN SUM(four)>0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)+(CASE WHEN SUM(five)>0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) I know, it's not a brilliant solution, but it works.
  9. Hi, I believe, the "Resource Scheduling" RMA does something like your goal: http://www.caspio.com/resource-scheduling/
  10. Hello Steve, It seems, it's the answer: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/5432-geo-coordinates-from-phone/#entry17099?
  11. Hi Shelly, I believe, a pivot table report can help. The article about pivots: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/pivot-table/ Also you can use your Users table as the DataSource, then all users will be displayed only once.
  12. Hi Steve, I've created an HTML Block, added a section before and a section after this Block, and then used the Rule: if the checkbox is not checked, hide the section with the HTML Block. The article about rules: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/
  13. Hello Hearnie, I believe, this article can help.
  14. Hello bwe, If you clear a style assigned with a DataPage, then embed the DataPage to your index.HTML, styles of your site will be applied to the DataPage. How to embed a DatPage is written in the article, it's embed Deployment method. I believe, you can find instructions in the video too. But I'm not sure that I understand your question correctly.
  15. Hi Jan, Have you alerted every value? I mean, <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calcHours() { var startH = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStartHr").value; alert(startH); var startM = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStartMin").value; alert(startM); var lunchM = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLunch").value; alert(lunchM); var stopH = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStopHr").value; alert(stopH); var stopM = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStopMin").value; alert(stopM); var hrs = (stopH-startH)- (lunchM/60) + (stopM-startM)/60; alert(hrs); document.getElementById("InsertRecordHours").value= hrs; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onchange=calcHours; </SCRIPT> It seems, you get "NA" on one of steps.
  16. I checked the field as Unique in the Table Design, when I needed to prevent adding the same data more than once. Then the system does not allow to create the recored with the same value. It's a column of checkboxes that is named "Unique" in the Table Design screen.
  17. Oh, maybe they can add the "Spell Check" button to their Rich Text Editor. I believe, I saw this button on one of HTML Editors, but I didn't remember where exactly.
  18. Hello peterhanse, If I were in your shoes, I'd use four tables: 1. Users: id many fields - information. 2. Horses: id many fields - information. 3. Ownership: id link_to_horse link_to_owner 4. Lnked_users id link_to_horse link_to_user Settings of the View: Tables are used: Users Users_1 (the second time) Horses Ownership Linked_users Relationships: Ownership.link_to_owner (include all records) = Users.Id (include only matching records) Horses.id (include all records) = Ownership.link_to_horse (include only matching records) Horses.id (include all records) = Lnked_users.link_to_horse (include only matching records) Lnked_users.link_to_user (include all records) = Users_1.Id (include only matching records) Is it the correct View?
  19. Hello ccarl3, Have you tried this solution? http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4888-grid-edit-as-default/
  20. Hi Chad, Livejournal has the same problem. You can disable Editor, than spell checkers should work, if it works for you.
  21. Hi Jan, What is the DataType of the field that marked with the error? What is icon of this field in the DataPage? And which decimal symbol do you use? And which is allowed for number input?
  22. I see. I have used a View and two fields: the number, that can be edited, and the next field is the "Name" from the correspond field of the View.
  23. Hi Elena, It's a free PDF generator and they say "The web page must be accessible on the public Internet." In Compare-Caspio-Plans.pdf, you can find a Premium feature "PDF Reports" that generates a PDF version of tabular reports. I'm afraid, I do not know much about this feature, but you always can ask the Sales department.
  24. Hello NYCREA, I have added new Criteria for the same field on the Search form. In the article: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/creating-a-report-datapage/ The "Configuring the Search Form" chapter explains it in details.
  25. Hello Alan, There are Web Services API in Caspio: http://howto.caspio.com/integration/web-services-api/ Did you mean this API access?
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