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    Responsive Forms

    Hi! There is like 20 fields in total. The forms has 2 colums in some sections and the bigers fields are html blocks and virtual fields (checkbox).
  2. esisov

    Responsive Forms

    Hi, i have been using the responsive code that we can found on online help form my forms. However, it is not truly responsive because we can see completely the fields or text that is it on the forms. I also made some tests changing this portion of the code with 90% but does not working either. Anyone have an idea of how to solve this? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Aurora. Everything works perfect, i just make a few changes, like EditRecord instead InsertRecord because i was working with update forms. thanks you!!
  4. Hi, I want to create custom messages on my reports that depends of the results. One of this messages change if the records of the reports are cero. How can i calculate this value and change the localization messages by my custome message?
  5. Thank you, Iren. It works!!
  6. Hi, i have several input fields (Date/time) for user to need to insert their birth date. As the popup calendar it is a little bit uncomfortable to go many years ago, some of them wants to insert the dates manually, so i need to create a mask with predefine dd/mm/yyyy format to able the users to just insert the numbers and then the field could have the right format to can be inserted. Any idea? Thanks!
  7. I am using this code. some could give me a hand?, it is not working <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function MyFunction() { if (document.getElementById([@Tarjetas_adicionales]).checked== True) { document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Primer_nombre_TA_1]').value=document.getElementById("@cbParamVirtual7").value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Primer_apellido_TA_1]').value=document.getElementById(@cbParamVirtual6).value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@tipoid_td1]').value=document.getElementById("@cbParamVirtual4").value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Identificacion_TA_1]').value=document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual6").value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Pais_TD1]').value=document.getElementById("@cbParamVirtual8").value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Nacionalidad_TA_1]').value=document.getElementById("@cbParamVirtual9").value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Fecha_nacimiento_TA_1]').value=document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual5").value document.getElementById('InsertRecord[@Email_TA_1]').value=document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual10").value } } document.getElementById('caspioform').onchange= MyFunction; </SCRIPT>
  8. Hi, Thank you! I did it, but it is not working, how can i related the condition of the checkbox field with the function? The parameters are passing ok, i just can not insert the records. if (document.getElementById('InsertRecordYour_Yes_No_[@Virtual2]').checked)
  9. Hi, I have a multi step form that is working for request. One of the forms ask to the persons if are single or married. If the person is married, ask the correspondant information (name, email, phone,...) about the husband/wife. On the next step, the form ask to the persons if want an aditional card for the husban/wife. If the persona said yes, i want that the form make a copy/paste of all the information related to the husband/wife on those fields. I don't want that the persons need to re enter all this information. Thanks!
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