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  1. Resolved: the key to the issue is in the topic title. I had to reverse my logic and wrap the .map.filter within the forEach. This worked, but as .map.filter creates an array with the same name, each previous iteration was overwritten by the current iteration. The final solution wast to use another nested forEach instead of the .map.filter, then push the result to the eleBtn array. //button objects array var buttons = [ { eleId: "btnStop1", disp: "red", stat: "on" }, { eleId: "btnStop0", disp: "red", stat: "off" }, { eleId: "btnGo1", disp: "gr
  2. Hello, I am having problems wrapping my head around nesting a forEach method within a .map .filter method. I have two arrays.. buttons: that contains key value pairs of button display statuses. eleColor: contains values that will be filtered through "buttons.disp" key values. I am using .map.filter methods to create a new array. When I assign the "disp" value statically all works and the new array is created. But when I try to iterate through eleColor for the parameter the code fails. Any recommendations on correct syntax or a better method to filter values from a different array
  3. just to put this out there.. if you are not concerned with the "Data Table" tooltip displaying on older (non ES6 compatible) browsers. You can skip the overhead of using jquery and use querySelectorAll with the script located at the end of the footer in your Tabular Report DataPages, such as... <!-- remove "Data Table" tooltip from Tabular report --> <script> document.querySelectorAll("table[data-cb-name='cbTable']")[0].removeAttribute("title"); </script> Keep in mind the reason for using the jquery in previous solutions is for backwards compatibility wit
  4. Loading the script in the footer fixed the issue. With the script functioning correctly in legacy and not with async deployment, I didn't think to put the script code in the footer. Thank You so much for your help.
  5. Hello.. I have a tabular report that will not recognize an element using document.getElementById( "elmName" ) (loctated in the Header of a report), if the datapage is deployed using ASYNC deployment... <script type="text/javascript" src="http://b4.caspio.com/dp/d6a9blahblah/emb"></script> returning a console message " VM3106:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null". If i put the script in the console as.. document.getElementById( "elmName" ).innerHTML = '<a href="httpcodehere">Test Button</a>'; the script runs without errors and replaces t
  6. RESOLVED.. I was able to set the cbResultSetSearchAgainContainer display properties to none in the styles sheet..
  7. attached are screen shots of datapage resuylts with and without data. Search again only displays when no data is found for record
  8. Hello Vitlikssssss, yes I have unchecked all options. What is puzzling is the search again link only displays when there is no data found for the record (where if it were an option I would think it would show all the time regardless of the presence of data).
  9. Hello, I have a Details Report DataPage that if no data is found (351) the results html page displays a “Search Again” link button, that displays only if no data is found. I have gone into the styles for the page and disabled the search icon and in the localization cleared the “Search Again” in the labels and markers section and it still displays the Search Again link. If I put 1 character in the custom text area it displays just that one character but if I delete all characters in the area it reverts to displaying "Search Again". Can anyone please let me know how to disable the Search Again
  10. Dazzler.. Thank you!! Brilliant fix. I was trying to figure out how to loop through each row and this does the trick perfectly. Many thanks on the amount of hair that can now remain on my head. (I was worried of pulling it all out over this one) Jim Ellington
  11. Since the CB 10.0 upgrade Ive been updating all the deploy codes in my datapages utilizing the new Asynchronous DataPage Deployment Method (a noticeable pageload improvement over the legacy deployment method, plus no more chrome deprecated warnings in the console Thank you for this improvement Caspio). One problem I am faced with now is I have several tabular report pages that conditionally load link buttons dependent on the status field of each row. With the legacy page deployment I was able to perform this with the following script in an html block... <script> var stat = '[@field:
  12. This is a concern for me as well, I too called my Caspio rep on this.. Apparently it depends on the plan you are subscribed to. From what I was told the "Professional Plan" does offer unlimited data transfers but you are limited to 50 datapages. The "Business Plan" (what I currently use) has a 1GB transfer limit with and additional charge for going over, last march I was charged $80 for going 500MB over the allotted 1GB. I have since added an additional 1GB to my plan at $50 a month. Both the Professional and Business plans are $250 a month but offer different package limits. What you need to
  13. In one of his videos Ned Pajic explained what the different modules in the deploy code do and pointed out the ones that do not need to deployed. I have since not been able to find this video. Nonetheless I think with the new CB upgrade, the deploy modules have changed anyway. Are there any modules in the deploy code that can be left out to help reduce bandwidth overhead? I was charged for going over the 1GB data transfer limit and had to up to 2GB. I have not even put the site into production yet. Caspio needs to revisit the imposed data transfer limits.
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