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  1. After working with Caspio Support I recommend the following change be made to the SOAP API "handbook". In section 3.3.28 UploadFile the VB example incorrectly states the final command with parentheses. It currently reads: aobjWS.UploadFile(strAccountID, strProfileName, strPassword, "file.txt", fileContent, "text/plain", -1, false) It should instead read: aobjWS.UploadFile strAccountID, strProfileName, strPassword, "file.txt", fileContent, "text/plain", -1, false I believe the handbook should be revised accordingly.
  2. I am posting this so it can help someone else if it comes up. I'm using the SOAP protocol in Excel 2003 (VBA) and I want to update a record. The field DataType I'm updating is the Text(64,000) (64, character text box). The basic Visual Basic code looks like: ---------- dim ValueList as String ValueList = "'This is the text that will be inserted into the specified field in FieldList.'" lAffected = aobjWS.UpdateData(strAccountID, strProfileName, strPassword, ObjectName, IsView, FieldList, ValueList, Criteria) ---------- ValueList is a string, and it must be inside double-quotes fo
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