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  1. Is it possible to schedule email delivery of report charts that would normally be accessed by user login? It would be nice rather to have emails delivered to those user accounts rather than requiring the user to login regularly to view the chart. For example, the user login is an email address that restricts access to a report generated specifically for the owner of that email address. Rather than the owner of that email address logging in to view a data page, is it possible to automate the delivery of the view of that data page on a daily basis based upon the unique email address?
  2. I'm a little uncertain how this can be done. What I have essentially, is a lookup table that is combined in a view with a large spreadsheet. The lookup table indicates a target value that is matched up in the view to the spreadsheet based upon the initials of a person. The view is then used in a data page. However, in the data page I'd like to calculate the difference between the target (extracted from the lookup table to the view) with an aggregation that uses the SUM for the individual initials having records in the spreadsheet. It appears the data page doesn't allow the aggregated fields to
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