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  1. Good morning , I have a Pivot Table Report . I'm looking for a solution to replace the "13". For the count of all records with kostentest_cat = 1 (that are 13 records). can someone help. CASE WHEN [@field:kostentest_cat] = 1 THEN [@field:kostentest_hoeveelheid]-([@voorraad_ruw]/13) ELSE [@field:kostentest_hoeveelheid] END regards Peter .
  2. already solved: <script> var myTotalcont = parseFloat(myCells[column_number].innerHTML); if (myTotalcont>="[@field:GEBRUIKERS_Aantal_paarden]") { window.location = "[@app:Overzicht_paarden_klanten_accounts]?cont="+myTotalcont; } </script>
  3. <input id="klant" class="cbSubmitButton" type="button" value="klant" name="klant" onClick="window.location.href='[@app:your app page]'"> maybe this will help , regards peter
  4. HI, I want to use a var. (variable) as a parameter value. Something like this: <script> var myTotalcont = parseFloat(myCells[column_number].innerHTML); if (myTotalcont>="[@field:GEBRUIKERS_Aantal_paarden]") { window.location = "[@app:Overzicht_paarden_klanten_accounts]?cont=myTotalcont"; } </script> How to work a round. in the window.location.
  5. I have a Single Record Update data page, whit a autosubmit. Depending on the value I want the destination after record update to a specific page. Something like this. <script> var machtiging = "[@authfield:GEBRUIKERS_Machtiging]"; if(machtiging=="Yes") if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',1000); window.location="[@app:logout]"; } else if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display =
  6. A little bit late but I workaround as follow: Styles> go to your Style> Edit> tab: Source >User-defined Styles> insert this code in : #CalendarToolBox { z-index: 1000 !important; left: 10px!important; top: 256px; width: 300px!important; height: 300px!important; } #CalendarToolBox .BodyTable tr { height: 35px!important; } The calendar is now larger . works for me. thanks everyone.
  7. I would like in the "Destination after record submit:" something like this: function goBack() { window.history.back() }
  8. hi jaymont yes then i go back to the same data page. but i want back to the data page where link is for this submit form .
  9. hi roattw move the field glucose and the section between hospital and age and insert a second section below glucose . now the field glucose between the two sections wil be hide
  10. Hi I have a submit form that I use on several pages, Now i want as "Destination after record submit:" , Go Back. how kan fix that. Because it is not always the same page.
  11. hi ,aam82, Thanks for your answer , but this is too complicated for me . I think I 'm going to fix it just with a submit button. Thank you, P.s. Do they know at Caspio that all the " link" texts are not visible in this forum, just as you mouse over role.
  12. Hi Is there a way to make a "Create Date-Specific New Record Links in Calendar DataPages" if we use the wordpress deploy methode. I tried this code below but it only works in the preview. <script> var month = ""; var allSpanTags = document.getElementsByTagName("span"); for (i=0; i<allSpanTags.length; i++) { if (allSpanTags[i].className == "cbResultSetCalendarCaption"){ month = allSpanTags[i].innerHTML; } } month = month.replace(/January /gi,"1/Day/"); month = month.replace(/February /gi,"2/Day/"); month = month.replace(/March /gi,"3/Day/"); month = month.replace(/April
  13. I have workt it around whit: CASE WHEN (Datediff(Day,'[@field:begin_date_item]','[@beginyear]')) < 0 THEN '[@field:begin_date_item]' ELSE '[@beginyear]' END
  14. I have chance the localization to english (us) so all date are now the same and format are al the same, is it possible that there is a issue that the the date from the tabels and from the popup calendar not the same notation have . Because when i have my app localization on Dutch. the date's are different. But that now solved for the time being with chance the localization to english (us). The scrip is still not working, despite the fact that the parameters are now well , and the date is the same note
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