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  1. Hello, So in my application companies have a live profile, they are given a form where they can change this profile, but before it goes live we approve it internally. I've created a "session" table of each table associated with a company. When the company fills out a form it saves to the session table. When we approve it, it updates the live table. Companies can have multiple contacts, stored in one table with multiple entries per company, each with a unique contact id and the associated company id. Would there be a way to update multiple contacts in the live table at once? Thank you, Alex
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    Graph/chart Fields

    Hello, Is there a way to use a table's data fields as a slice in a pie graph? So I have a table with fields id and 10 other fields, a-j. I will filter by id and then I want the pie graph to be able to show up to 10 slices based on whether the fields a-j are empty. If not, can this be created with other chart types? I can somewhat do this with a bar chart but I can only have up to 5 series of data and I would need more. Thank you, Alex
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