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  1. I set a submission form and just allow registered users to submit their content to the table. However, I want to set that every users can only submit once every ten days, otherwise they would submit crazily. How can I do this?
  2. There is a table contains 5 file fields that users can submit files (images) to our table. In the report form (details page), I set 5 html blocks to display them one by one with responsive tag (width=70%) and they displayed finally and responsively. I showed them in this way. <img src "URL" width=70%"/> However there is a problem comes. I need some JavaScript code to check and decide if I execute this html code. Otherwise there is a img icon showed if there is empty in that field If there is a file, it will be executed. If there is empty, it will not be executed. Could anybody help Thanks. Sam
  3. Hi nmalawsky, Thanks for your help. But I don't quite clear your way to do this, can you tell me more specifically? Sam
  4. Hi Capsio, I am working out for mobile responsive image for my app. I found this, the images in this page are responsive in mobile http://blog.masslive.com/linkfarm/2015/09/testing_responsive_caspio_imag.html However, I can't search the way to do it. Can I ask how?
  5. Hi Aurora Easy to understand. Just addition or deduction. For example, new member Mr. A has 0 marks in default. He can buy 10 marks by paying us, so Mr. A has 10 marks now. (0 + 10) And he can do something by using the marks. For example, he uses 5 marks for that. so Mr.A has 5 marks now. (10 - 5) And we have to do this day by day for recording these transactions and update the current marks they have.
  6. Hi fellows, I am building an app about membership. When members register they get 0 points in default. And they can pay or accomplish some missions to get points. So the members can use points to post something on my website. It is very easy to understand. I built a form to update the value, however, it is easy to miscalculated if I do it everytime manually. Are there better ways to do this calculation? It is just addition or deduction, just simple calculation. Sam
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