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  1. I have a Search and Report Page that contains a details link. After running the initial report i click on the details link taking me record details. Upon submitting the details form I would like to take the user back to the Search and Report Page using the previously selected filters. I would imagine that i would use the appSession URL param but it is not predefined param. How do i incorporate appSession or another technique to return uses to their previous query results.
  2. All users will be able to see all records. A subset of users will be able to perform insert, update and deletes. It sounds like to i will have to create 2 similar datapages 1) View Access 2) View Insert, Update and Delete Access I was hoping to use the same datapage and Hide/Disable the Insert edit and delete access for non admin users.
  3. I have different users accessing datapages that have different roles. Some users can search and view details and others can perform those functions plus insert, update and delete. Can this be performed within a single datapage? If not is there a technique to keep datapages insync when making changes.
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