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  1. Does anyone know how to display in a search report page a map alongside search results, where the search results list x number of results but the map displays all the results? I.e the points on the map display all results (e.g. 500 points on the map), but the results in the list below display just 10 results per page, and the user can scroll through them. The map we are trying to implement will have hundreds of points on it, but I do not want a list of hundreds of results below it.
  2. Hi there I'm trying to make a connection to a MySQL database using Zapier. All of the connections are working fine during tests and when table rows are modified in MySQL the corresponding tables are modified in Caspio. But how do i make the initial data import of all the tables and data from MySQL (via Zapier) to Caspio? Any help much appreciated. thanks Mark
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