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  1. Hi, I'd like to know how much time user spends on updating record on the details datapage. So I need to stamp record when user opens the record, then when he updates the record and store the time difference in minutes. Thanks for help!
  2. Hi, I need to store date when record was submitted. I know that I can stamp record, using a "time stamp" hidden field, but I need to store only date, month and year. I don't need time, because I'm not able to use this field in grouping data on Chart report. Thanks for help!
  3. Hi, I need help with calculating total sum based on values, entered in fields. I have 3 fields on the submission form, where users enter 3 values. I would like to calculate total in the forth field. Also, I want to show the value to the user. E.g when user enters value "5" in the first field, he will see "5" in the field Total then user enters "10" in the second field, he will see "15" in the field Total and finally user enters "7" in the third field, he will see "22" in the field Total And I wand to store value 22 in the table. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! I have 3 aggregate fields with different formulas. It works fine, but every field located on different row. But I'd like to put all these fields in one row. Is it possible? Thanks! Mylene
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