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  1. Javascript help please I have a web page on which I wish to display a hyperlink depending on the status of a specific field from my authentication table. The authorisation field “[@authfield:Staff_List_Branch_Type]” has two options which are “FS” or “SIS”. Depending on the authorisation of the user I would like to display a link that will take the user to a specific web page depending on their Branch_Type status. So if your autfield branch type is “FS” a link will display that will take you to web page A, however if your branch is “SIS” a link will display that will take you to web page B. There must only be one link displayed Any help or ideas greatly appreciated Steve
  2. Hi Can anybody help with some simple (i hope) java that I can place in an HTML holder. I have a data table with employees details but I need to know that they have updated their details. I have a hidden check box called "Updated" which is ticked automatically when a details update form has been completed / updated. I want to show text on my web page that will display if the tick box is EMPTY (not ticked) The text will say something like "Please update your details". This text will NOT be shown if the "Updated" box is ticked. Any help greatly appreciated Steve
  3. Hi I am designing an app with a login data page. When designing the web page where I am deploying the login HTML Data Page the HTML box is showing either the redirected web page or the login in page superimposed over where I am expecting to see the login boxes. (See attached scree shot which will explain it better) The issue I have is that the container for this HTML box is wider that the app I am designing so its changing the layout of my web page. How can I restrain the size of this box to only the size of the login fields and not the referenced web page. I am using Adobe Muse to design the web page and deployed the data pages. Regards Steve
  4. Hi Can anybody suggest how I can pass the information contained on an NFC tag to a data page form field when scanned with an NFC enabled phone. I would like to use NFC Tags for equipment inspections and when scanned they pass information into a form field. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi Does anybody have some code that when placed on an HTML field will display a specified image with an anchor link to another web page, provided the field being searched matches a given criteria. For instance if a Yes/No field is "yes" then show an image that links to another page when clicked. I want a web page to show and "admin icon" but only if a an admin field in the data page is ticked. Hope that makes sense Steve
  6. Thanks so much for all your help After some frustration I have the location grab up and running using the above script. Great help Steve
  7. Hi I am looking at the mobile search page on the Store Locator app from Caspio apps. Can anybody recommend changes to the Java on this page (in the data page) which will make the "use my location" search automatically. Basically I would like the search my location function to fire automatically when the web page is opened. No need for the search using my address boxes. Steve
  8. Many thanks Caspio Ninja At the risk of sounding a total novice, what would I need to put in the form submission field in my caspio app to receive the location parameters. I have no problem with the warning notification as I will also be stamping the IP address. So, how do I get the Lat and Long above into my data page? Thanks so much Steve
  9. Many thanks I am indeed looking for a way to stamp coordinates from a device when a data page is viewed I hope there may be some Java out there that can grab the phone GPS lat and long and then stamp it into a data table Steve
  10. Does anybody have some code that can stamp the geolocation of a mobile device into a data form when that form is viewed. I am looking at a way that when a record is updated it automatically grabs the geo coordinates from the device that viewed it and stamps them into the record from. Any ideas greatly appreciated Hearnie
  11. Hi Does anybody have some code to automatically email a contact noted in a data report when that report is opened? I have an accident report app that I hope will automatically email a person when their details have been viewed in the app. Any help greatly appreciated. Steve
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