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  1. It's in normal text in a Word document: 01 Algemeen, opleveren, garanties en tekeningen 00.03.01 Constructieve veiligheid <- here I want the hyperlink: 01.02.22 Garanties <- here I want the hyperlink 01.02.A Oplevering woningen 01.02.C Oplevering installaties 01.03.02 Brandveiligheid 01.05 Tekeningen 01.09.01 Renovatie woningen I uploaded also 2 PDF-documents 00.03.01-Constructieve-veiligheid.pdf 01.02.22-Garanties.pdf
  2. Hi all, I try to create a hyperlink in a Word document to a pdf file. Nothing I tried works. In my Word document I have the following text: 00.03.01 Constructieve veiligheid 01.02.22 Garanties 01.02.A Oplevering woningen 01.02.C Oplevering installaties 01.03.02 Brandveiligheid 01.05 Tekeningen 01.09.01 Renovatie woningen the above items in my Word document must be linked to a pdf file saved in my table When I try to open the pdf "00.03.01 Constructieve veiligheid" file with Google: https://c1esh889.caspio.com/dp/d8564000da
  3. Hey all, I have a question. In a Submission Form I select companies with a Radio Button. The selected companies were previously submitted in another Submission Form. Once selected, I want the selected company to disappear visually only that day. The next day the selected comapany must be there again. Test it yourself: https://c1esh889.caspio.com/dp/d8564000553fcadd78024278a937 Thanks.
  4. Andrew, Thanks I'm going to try it out. I will let you know when I am ready.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone have experience with Daily Stand as attached. I would like to make a program for this Greetings from the Netherlands.
  6. Hi Vanallope, I solved my problem I was counting with text instead of numbers, stupid. Don't try to smile
  7. Hi, Nothing works! Previously, I applied this to other DataPages: SELECT (Artikelprijs) FROM Betontechniek_Bonnen_Producten WHERE Artikelnummer = 4000 And SELECT SUM (Werk_uren) FROM Beton_Bonnen_Daguren_1 WHERE Werknummer = target.[@field:Klus_Werknr] It's still working. If I change the last code (I want to count how much rows ther are with the same OfferteNR) in: SELECT SUM (Teller) FROM K_Schadekenmerken_Data WHERE OfferteNR = target.[@field:OfferteNR] it does not work, see a piece of my table and error message. Table.pdf
  8. Hi all, Whats wrong with this code? SELECT sum(Teller) FROM K_Schadekenmerken_Data WHERE OfferteNR = target.[@field:OfferteNR] Greatings from the Netherlands
  9. wvantongeren

    Check date

    Hi all, I want to check 2 dates for a machine control program. In my table I have a field "Laatste_visuele_test" thats the last date the machine is checked. Now I want, in a calculated field, to know the difference in days : "To day" - "Laatste_visuele_test" The result can be + days or - days. Thanks and greetings from the Netherlands
  10. Hi all. I have a table with over 40000 records. All records have working hours per day. I try to find out what the first and last day is for closing projects. So I'm looking for the first and last day. 129/5000
  11. Hi all, I want to do the following: In my Report Tabular I show building projects. If the checkbox "Actief" is Ja the project is live, otherwise "Actief" = Nee, the project is ready and closed. When the project "Actief" = Ja then I want instead of Ja "Go to the project" with href='https://c1esh889.caspio.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' See also https://c1esh889.caspio.com/dp/d856400060880bba71bc4e1d8594 How can I do that?
  12. Hy all, I want to sent a notification email on stored dates. The customer always receives a email 30 days before he must be done something. The date can be over (84 days - 30 days) 7 weeks (1095 days- 30 days) 3 years and over (2190 days- 30 days) 6 years The dates are stored as: -A1_date; (84 days) -P1_date; (1095 days) -E1_date: (2190 days) Ther is no option for not receiving a email. Please help!
  13. Hi Jan,


    Can you please help me.


    Need help with a code in a HTML blok for storing a date with extra days.

    Whats the promblem: I want to store a (date + 84 days) extra


    I use in my submissionform the parameter  [@Initiele_meting], this parameter [@Initiele_meting] receives on load a[@cbTimestamp*] 

    In my table the field Initiele_meting is a Date/Time field

    I want to store [@Initiele_meting] + 84 days in the table as A_Keuring is a Date/Time field.

    Why do I want it: see it like this. You are making today [@cbTimestamp*] a appointment, the deal is that you always take a action between the [@cbTimestamp*] and A_Keuring (this is the [@cbTimestamp*] + 84 days)


    I now have this in the footer, but dont work:

    function grandTotal(){

    var_a =parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordEndDate").value);


    Thank you!!

    And greetz from the Netherlands.

  14. Hy Elena.


    Do you know how to hide a serch button from a  Search and Report Wizard - Configure Search Fields

    All the other buttons I can hide,  except the Search button.

  15. No changes. The changes I've made are: the size of the table to 300px and copyed this code (<!-- Responsive Code Begin --> </div> <!-- Responsive Code End -->) into the footer See for yourself at: http://hemubo.weebly.com/pesroneel_aanpassen.html
  16. On my PC I see the bulk form 100%, no problems there. On my Samsung and IPhone I see a little piece of the form. Cant move it, nothing. How can I change the settings of this form?
  17. Good morning. Thanks Aurora, I'm gonna try it.
  18. Matilda, Thanks for your reaction and soory for the delay. Hereby a sample of my form and cells. I only was curios if it was possible. Right now I'm verry frustrated, nothing seems to work what I make! 20160203111547719.pdf
  19. Can I place, the cells made in a table, anywhere on my website? I dont want the look of een report. Please see my form Greetings, Willem from the Netherlands.
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