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  1. have a data page and a table that work fine. its a form for the web visitor to enter email address, name,etc., and upload resume. I already succeeded in changing the "submit" to read "click here". search cannot even find "choose file"! it all works fine, but i don't want the resume button to say "choose file". I want it to say "Upload Resume".
  2. hello everyone, I am new to caspio but am very happy of their existence. let me explain. as a computer consultant i have been hired to upgrade a customer's website. He has one created exclusively with tools from the DIY website wix.com sadly, wix does not support my customers request for a database. Happily, Caspio DOES support database usage within a wix built website. I first went to Caspio support but they referred me here (for free). Specifically: database has four fields --- first name, last name, ls certification, certificate i.e. text, text, nn-nnnn, pdf file input: last name output: first name, last name, ls certification, link to view pdf of ls certification I am already signed up for next week's 3 Caspio webinars but as of the moment I need you help most! thanks
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