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  1. Hi Guys, I hope somebody has an idea for this. I'm stuck creating the report, step 3 below.


    1) user Bob insert its color preferences on a search web form:
    Name    color1    color2     color3    color4
    Bob       red         blue      yellow    black
    2) it is compared against a table I created with information from other users that also like colors
    Name    color1    color2        color3      color4
    John      red         white        orange     brown
    mary      purple    magenta    green      grey
    Elen       white     green        red          blue
    3) I need to give Bob the best match with the other users of the database. On the report I search by "red" OR "blue" OR "yellow" OR "black" at the same time
    Table of best matches for Bob (this would be the report)
    Name    "Hits on search"
    Elen       2
    John      1
    I hope to be able to do this with a calculated field on my report ("hits on search", on the example) and sort by it. Somebody suggested to use COUNT, but that counts vertically across users, if I understood correctly: (times "red" showed up under the color1 column, for example)
    Any idea would be appreciated.
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