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  1. I have created a datapage with a form but it is sooooo long and no user wants to scroll to the bottom of it and fill the whole thing out. IT's embedded in my Wix web page- http://www.aircargo-bid.com/request-a-bid I feel like it would be more user friendly if I could cut it into a few pages so that maybe they only have to fill out a few fields on the first page then they go to the second page, etc. I am not a back end coder so using Caspio has been quite a challenge for me so if you have a solution and it's really code heavy I might need some serious direction. There has to be a way to make there forms more user friendly. I saw something about using a div for show/hide but I don't want to show on the same page..I want a separate page. Anyway thanks for your help! Beccs
  2. I'm going to try to be as clear as possible with this question by laying out the steps and the pieces I'm missing from this operation: 1. A user submits a bid request using the forms on a data page I have created. ( This page is built) 2. An email is generated to vendors (users) that have requested to be notified when a bid is placed. This email will contain some of the fields but not all of the fields from the datapage. (haven't figured out how to configure the submit button above) Thanks all. Becca
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