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  1. Matilda, Thanks so much, I now have both examples working. I just have one more question, instead of coloring the entire row, would you know how to just color the background of the one cell containing the sales number?
  2. Matilda thanks for you reply. Could not get this to work, was able to find a way to format a cell based on the text value meeting a criteria. Will keep at this to get the row to format. My second question was for example I have a sales goal of $1000 and sales of $1500 I would like to show the value in green since my sales are greater than my goal. Hope that explains it. Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. I have a tabular report and would like to conditionally format the contents of a column based on it's value, above a certain value color text as green, below color the text as red. Also, is it possible to format the contents of one cell based on the value of another. Any help greatly appreciated.
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