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  1. Hello. I have a datapage (datapage A) that includes a few fields that I would like to autofill with default values. The catch is that I want a user to be able to occasionally change what those default values will be--not be typing over them--but rather by defining them from another datapage; kind of like a settings page for the application. If I store the defaults in their own table there would only be one row for the table and the user would just edit that row when they wanted to change the defaults. I think I can use a trigger to insert the default values in datapage A when I am creating new records. How would I go about maintaining a defaults table with a single record? I don't want to use a two part edit form to "find" the only record in the defaults table before editing it. Is there a better way to go about this? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I should have explained that the dropdown I am working with lists values from a related table. I would like to know how to pass the display value of the dropdown as opposed to the (foreign Key) value stored in the dropdown.
  3. Hello. Apologies if this is addressed in another post. I want to pass the selected display value of a dropdown as a parameter for use in the header of another DataPage. How would I accomplish this?
  4. Hello. Use javascript on the DataPage to concatenate the fields you want in your composite key and create a new field in the table to store the concatenated value. Set that table field to Unique and you should get an error when you try to save a record that duplicates the composite field.
  5. ray

    how to conditionally hide a data page element

    Hi Ariel. The Conditional Forms help page does suggest that you can conditionally show a field if it is initially hidden by some condition. I have tried this but cannot get a "Show" option in the Rules Action dropdown for a section or field. Hide seems to be the only choice and once you specify an action for a particular field you can't make a new rule for that field...
  6. Hello. I am trying to sort out the capabilities of the new formula data type in v9.4. I'd like to combine text fields and a date field in the formula but I get an invalid formula error when just combine the fields with a "+ Str(1)+". Do I need to convert the date to a string? Also, the formula seems to reference the stored value of a foreign key in the table. Is there a way to use the display value of a related field instead? Thank you.
  7. Hello. I would like to concatenate two text fields (both foreign keys) and populate a third text field in the same table with the concatenated value when submitting a DataPage. I understand how to do this when I am concatenating the stored value of the fields, but I would like to concatenate the display values of the two lookup fields, not their stored values. Please advise.
  8. Hello. I would like to pass multiple parameters from a Detail DataPage to another page upon saving the record. I understand how to pass the parameters and specify a destination after update. The trick for me is I would like to have multiple Save buttons on this Detail page, each with a different destination after update specification. The user would choose which Save button to use based on what DataPage they want to go to next. Is this possible? Thank you.
  9. ray

    How To Create Cascading Dropdown List

    After giving it some thought, it seems that you can indeed create cascading dropdowns using a series of related tables as opposed to a single "lookup" table. Create a virtual field to serve as the first dropdown and use this to provide the property for the cascade. I would imagine that this is something that a lot of applications need to do but I have not come across this in the help files. I'll follow this topic so just reply if you need more explanation.
  10. ray

    How To Create Cascading Dropdown List

    Is it correct that the only way to create cascading dropdowns is through the use of an un-normalized lookup table that contains all of the fields used in the cascade <http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/cascading-elements/>? Is there any way; javascript included; to cascade dropdowns using separate, related tables?