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  1. Thanks, but...I am a nube at all this. Where specifically can I add this? Does it go into the style I am using and put it in there? If so where- what section of styles affects the emails? More specifics/directions would be super appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Thanks! What if I need both to go to more than one person? Is there any way to add multiple parameters to the acknowledgement email or just one? I feel like it's probably limited to just one from this answer :/
  3. Actually this was a silly question, since I need it to not just hide the parameter such as [@field:Department] since that's technically blank anyway. But I have headers for all these, since it's needed. So I need it to hide the entire line: Department : [@field:Department] Really I need the emails to show some of the same things, but really it's two different email contents based on which radio button is checked. Any way to do this? I don't see any rules or conditionals for emails or posts about it.
  4. I want to send an acknowledgement email to two parameters when a form is submitted, and also a third if that field is not blank. Two are cascading text fields that auto complete if available, and the other is filled in if the user submitting the request is not the person to whom this email belongs and enters their own email. Basically it is: Regional Manager Manager Submitter (this may or may not be a blank field) How do I send the acknowledgement email to all three, if all three are available- or at least to however many are available. Thanks!
  5. I have a form that can be for two separate but related cases. Based on the case selected, certain fields are or are not hidden. So in each case there is a section that does not apply. Is there a way to conditionally show parameters in the auto emails based on which radio button is checked? Essentially mimicking the rules of the form? Or, probably easier, is there an easy way to include it all in the email but hide any fields that are left blank? And not based on any checkbox, but simply if the field is blank, do not show it in the email. Also, I already am using this script for phone #s on the form, in case this affects anything. Thanks! <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function f_a(v_id) { return document.getElementById(v_id); } f_a('InsertRecordSchool_Contact_Phone').maxLength = 14; f_a('InsertRecordSchool_Contact_Phone').onkeyup = function(v_e) { v_e = v_e || window.event; if (v_e.keyCode >= 65 && v_e.keyCode <= 90){ this.value = this.value.substr(0, this.value.length - 1); return false; }else if (v_e.keyCode >= 37 && v_e.keyCode <= 40){ return true; } var v_value =(this.value.replace(/[^\d]/g, '')); if (v_value.length==7) { this.value = (v_value.substring(0,3) + "-" + v_value.substring(3,7));} else if(v_value.length==10){ this.value = ("(" + v_value.substring(0,3) + ") " + v_value.substring(3,6) + "-" + v_value.substring(6,10)); }; } </SCRIPT>
  6. Work around: Not necessarily pretty, but you can assign each field a virtual field that is a checkbox with no label. You need one before each field, then make the field disabled unless the checkbox is checked. They will need to check the box to edit a field. You can then adjust your emails to mark those where the checkbox was checked- meaning those were likely edited. Again also not foolproof since they may not actually edit the field if the hit the checkbox. And really the success of that depends on the users- will work better if this is an internal report where the users understand the point of the checkboxes.
  7. I am new to using Caspio but am trying to figure out how to make the emails more conditional. It doesn't seem that there are options for different emails to be sent, based on criteria, per data page. We have a web form, and then we have a tracker for our team. The team can check off boxes as items on the setup checklist are completed. Ideally, I want a certain email to go to certain people when a certain checkbox is sent, and for that email to only go out when that checkbox is first checked. Not again just when other changes are made. I know how to do the one checkbox and autosubmit thing, where an email is only sent if a checkbox is selected, but then if I make other updates it will resend that email, and that doesn't work. And it doesn't seem to be able to do multiples in a row like: Submit Goes to Datapage, sends email if match Goes to next Datapage, sends email if match etc. It just goes to one and then that ends the chain So 1- any ideas? Other than creating separate data pages for the team to just update those checkboxes? Also- is there a way to disable checking a checkbox once it's been checked? This doesn't seem to be a rule option. Thank you!
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