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  1. Thanks for the respond. Have a great day! :)
  2. Looking to have a different calendar style. Anything but the one we have. The buttons are very small and the arrows for month are super small. is there a way to not increase the size of the calendar via script but change where the arrows are for the months? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello: I have a <i> button as shown in the image below! It is activated on the parent table 100% which leads user to "details" page (separate datapage) having a unique ID. Now on the child table(same attachment), some of the listings don't have enough info, so I don't want user to be redirected to the "details" page. I have created the criteria by creating a yes/no filed for those records that are just basic (phone number, address) and no more info. Question is: How do I create not linked icon inside the script. Current script is: (attachment 2) And the part relating to the icon is: //More info code starts if (UniquePrefix[@field:AutoID]){ document.getElementById('infoimage[@field:AutoID]').innerHTML = '<a href="http://www.goplaypool.com/places.html?Location=[@field:UniquePrefix]"><img alt="Establishment info" src="http://assets.goplaypool.com/files/theme/appcas/listboxinfo01.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" title="Establishment info" /></a>'; } else { document.getElementById('infoimage[@field:AutoID]').innerHTML = '<img alt="" src="http://assets.goplaypool.com/files/theme/appcas/listboxdir02.png" style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" title=""/>'; } The second condition created for listings with not enough info to go to the details page is called: VenueOnly I am not sure if I explained 100% or it is confusing. Thanks in advance for any help! AlwaysLost
  4. Can you show me the formula in which needs to be placed in the main table? Thank you
  5. Been trying for couple of years. no luck. The way I did it was to create a pop up window with all the files on my own server and they can see single or multiple files via drop down menu on Caspio. It gets the job done. I will follow this though in case someone has figured it out!
  6. I am a user of the platform with over 40 datapages developed. Business is thriving and all. Customer service is top notch and they will help you with any issues and ideas you might have as well as some coding. Have a great day!
  7. I have been using Caspio over two years. The host web browser that is super friendly is: weebly. Check it out
  8. Easiest way I freeze any HTML above the datapages is to place the HTML in the "header" itself.
  9. You also have the append option! :)
  10. Hello MayMusic:

    I have tried this with other members and no respond.

    I have a list of records, that the user filters by state, city and/or establishment, and they see the list. 25 a page and then next page and so on...


    I would like to insert advertising say every 10 records, has anyone done such thing? I am sure it is possible using Java. Your help is appreciated.

    Image attached.



    1. MayMusic


      Unfortunately I could not find any way to add advertisement in between rows. 

  11. Caspio is NOT down. One reason your account might not respond at log in or any step is that you cache is not emptied in a while. Empty cache and try again! Best
  12. Hello.

    Looking to insert advertising  in between listings that show up based on user search options. Datapage I am using for the listings is "listing" datapage. and it has a search option and filter up font that they end up with X amount of listings.

    Is there a way to do this? Image attached shows listings. Thanks! :) 


  13. Hello MayMusic:
    You helped me with triggered actions couple of weeks ago.
    It created new records for the child table perfectly. BUT.. every time I update the parent table, it creates new records for the child table... 
    I tried using the Update "action" before "insert" option and it is not responding. 
    Any ideas where I am going wrong? 
    Thanks in advance! 


    1. Alwayslost


      Well, I added this "Delete from" Action and seems to be replacing all records if any edits are made on the parent table.
      Except it deletes the record when Member is NOT checked. I understand why, but hope there is a way to keep the record in the child table even when member is NOT checked! 


  14. This works perfect MayMusic... Thank you. Question: Since there is no "field" or "parameter" option under "Rules" for me to "hide" zip code search WHILE disabling it (you can't have both options), I have disabled zip code if one field in the first accordion is filled in. (Zip Code Search is in the second accordion) So, is there a way to NOT allow the 2nd accordion to open unless the first accordion; is closed and/or the first drop down under it remains: blank value? I hope I made it clear, not sure how else to explain it. here is the test link as well: http://www.goplaypool.com/testgogo11.html Thank you, -Alwayslost
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