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  1. jchamp525 - we were able to solve our issue. The problem was that when there were errors, the width of the form was too much for the size of the webpage (the error messages show up to the right side of the form fields). You should be able to adjust your widths to fit within your web page template, or when deploying try using the "Frame" code instead of "Embed" code. I hope this helps you as well.
  2. Hi Matilda, Our web team has reviewed the web page and there is no coding on the page other than the embed HTML from Caspio. Following is the HTML we are using as well as the script from the 2nd line (https://b5.caspio.com/scripts/e1.js). Thanks again. <div id="cb7f0630007e9136e2dac24d3293a2"><a href="http://www.caspio.com" target="_blank">Online Database</a> by Caspio</div> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://b5.caspio.com/scripts/e1.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">try{f_cbload("7f0630007e9136e2dac24d3293a2","https:");}
  3. Thanks for your assistance Matilda. I'll have our web team look into the web script.
  4. Matilda - I don't show any new submissions to the table today. The last one is from April 6. I have tested this before and a submission is not added to the table when it is submitted with errors. It works fine if all required fields are completed. MayMusic - I replaced our Javascript with your suggested. While it didn't solve the problem, the form works as before so we are no worse off Good to have cleaner script.
  5. Hello, We have an ongoing problem that we have not yet found a solution to, so would like to try the forum again. We have embedded our Submission Form in our website here: https://napo.site-ym.com/?caspio_submission When pressing the submit button without all required fields completed, the submitter SHOULD get the red error messages for those fields that are not complete. BUT INSTEAD, he is redirected to the Home Page of our website. This has randomly worked correctly a couple of times, but then stops working again (with no back-end changes made). We only have simple javascript
  6. Guess what Matilda. It stopped working again. Nothing was changed, it just randomly stopped working. The URL for the submission page is: https://napo.site-ym.com/?caspio_submission. The only Java Script we are using is in the footer of the form. It is as follows: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* "fieldName" is the variable name for the listbox type form element field. */ var fieldName = "InsertRecordAreaofFocus"; var x=document.getElementsByName(fieldName); x[0].multiple=true; </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* "fieldName" is the variable
  7. I agree! Very unusual. So, as I was getting the URL for you and doing one last test to confirm that data does not load to the table upon submission with errors....the form worked! After testing multiple times this week, I'm not sure what has changed to make it work today but I'll take it! Thanks so much for your time. Perhaps it was a backend Caspio glitch that is now working....who knows. Thanks again, Lori
  8. HI Caspio Ninja, Thanks for the response. We do have required fields and when leaving them blank (for testing) it is not giving us the error messages, but instead redirecting to our home page. When we fill the form completely, it redirects to the right new web page as it is supposed to. So our Destination after record submit is a URL for a landing page.
  9. Hello, We have embedded a Submission Form into our website and are in the testing phase. Everything appears to be working other than when a form is submitted with errors. For example, if not all required fields are entered, after submitting I am directed to the home page of my website instead of seeing the error message. This was working previously, in the Preview function and on a different website so I'm not sure what has changed. Thank you.
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