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  1. I have two tables linked in a relational database: Clients and Appointment. After finding the Client and displaying same, a javascript routine in the header of the Search Results screen calculates the category to assign to the appointment and puts this in a variable called 'pcategory'. I am trying to pass this variable via a query string to the Add datapage for Appointments: ....URL?Category=[@pcategory]. In the Add datapage, there is a field 'Category' which is configured as 'hidden' and is set 'on load' to receive [@Category]. However, I cannot seem to get it to receive the value in the variable 'pcategory'. Testing with alert(pcategory) in the same html block as the query string shows that 'pcategory' does contain the value to be passed! What am I doing wrong?
  2. After some more exploring, I disovered the answer: I went to 'Styles' and then: 1) - Saved a copy of the current default style: & named it New_Style 2) - Then in 'New_Style' I was able to both change the color of the paging icons and use SAVE to keep this change. 3) - Last step:-- I made the 'New_Style' - the default style. Works fine!
  3. The background color of my web page is a dark blue, so the 'image paging controls' are not visible at the bottom of the results when data is displayed. I tried to change the 'color' to another selection (namely white) by going to: Styles Results Page Paging - I tried to make another color selection instead of the standard: 'Image: Enabled, Icon: Gray'. It allowed me to make another color selection for the 'image icons', but when I tried to 'Save' and exit, I get a bit 'error' message. Anybody know how to overcome this?? Thanks in advance!
  4. I received wonderful assistance yesterday from the community with filling a caspio form field with value calculated by javascript routine in the footer of the submission form. It works beautifully!! I would like to automatically submit the form after filling the field & so get rid of the 'submit' button. Any help is greatly appreciated. The current fill form routine that works well is below: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function Fill_field() { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPeriod").value = (pperiod); } /* On submitting the webform, the function Fill_field is executed */ document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=Fill_field; </SCRIPT>
  5. I have a 'one to many' relational db with Student demographics in the (one) database and classes for each student in the other (many) database. I have a javascript routine that evaluates the current 'time' and assigns it a Period number (1, 2, etc). The routine runs fine and outputs its' result in a variable called 'pperiod' when run. I am trying to run this javascript above in the html block of the submission form datapage where there is a field named Period assigned to accept the value in 'pperiod'. The routine runs fine outside of Caspio, but no value is inserted in my form field when it is run from the html block in the form datapage. I am at my wits end! Thanks in advance.
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