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  1. Hi SunakoChan, thanks for you response. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I know that I can freeze columns in the datapage wizard. But once set they are fixed. What I want to be able to do is alter the freeze column settings when viewing the report itself, in real time. I'm fine with doing the coding for a little drop down menu in jQuery or javascript to be placed next to the download button in the report. But in this dropdown I'd like to be able to turn the column-freeze on and off, or even better, to set to 1, 2,3 columns, etc, again, in real time. Does anyone know the essential coding to be able to do this?
  2. Does anyone know if its possible to have a freeze columns dropdown in a report - tabular or pivot? Would be great if the User could choose whether to freeze 1, 2 or 3 columns, or turn freeze off completely. Alternatively, does anyone at least know whether it's possible to simply turn the column freeze on or off, using javascript or jQuery, when the report is displayed, via a dropdown I could add in there? I'm really looking for the code that controls the freeze function. What I've found so far is the following HTML: <th class="cbResultSetLabel cbResultSetHeaderCell cbFreezeColumnsDivider_65699f5f6d3e23 cbFreezeBoxSizing_65699f5f6d3e23" scope="col" style="display: none; width: auto; visibility: hidden;"> But I'm just not sure if I'm able to have any control over this. Any help much appreciated .
  3. Thanks for the offer HeezyMeezy. Would love to take you up on this but unfortunately I'm weighed down with client confidentiality issues - I've got to first come up with a way of unpicking the code to just show the essentials. Will let you know if I get there!
  4. Thanks for your reply. Sure, they were going to be my next port of call. I'll talk to support and keep you posted.
  5. Has anyone had any issues with styles following the latest Caspio release 18? I use both jquery datatables as well as Caspio results tables. Everything is built inside the Caspio environment. I've customised everything with my particular Caspio styles, Everything displayed fine until the new release went through a few days ago. Now, the row styles on my jquery datatable just don't get called. For example, I used to have row color banding (ie odd rows displayed as a different shade to even rows). But now my style code has no effect at all! Even adding '!important' in the CSS doesn't work. Very strange as I've done nothing in past month that could have changed this Anyone any comments?
  6. Thanks douvega. I suspected it might come down to using API calls. However, while I understand the Caspio codes and explanations as presented, I just can't get my head around actually putting the explanations together to make a basic API call. If only Caspio had a step-by-step example of the simple operations required to have a GET View Rows up and running (a video would be good). This is such a big and obvious gap in Caspio's explanations that I can't help suspect it's purposely done! Do you know of any such help anywhere? I appreciate the 3rd party recommendation. Perhaps for later, as I'm on a bit of a shoestring budget at the moment. Thanks
  7. Well, Lets say I've got a table called 'Customer_services' with 3 fields; Name, Country, Product (all text fields). 3 records in the table: 1. Sue USA Rake 2. Eric Spain Fork 3. Sue Mexico Rake I'd like to create a variable containing all countries and products associated with 'Sue'. So what I want is: myvariable = 'USA, Rake, Mexico, Rake' Hope this is possible. Thanks MayMusic
  8. Is it possible, using javascript / jQuery, to extract data from specific fields in a Caspio table, or its results datapage, and assign that data to an array? If so, can this code be made to work by placing it in an HTML block inside the relevant datapage? Please give me an example of the code that would achieve this. Thanks
  9. Understood. Thanks.
  10. I'm normalising a large Table which can extend to 3-4 million rows. One of the fields is 'Year' (eg '2017'). There are up to 80 different years in the database and obviously many are repeated many times, Is it worth indexing this field? I can make a table with a primary key and the related year, such as y1 = 2000, y2 = 2001, y3 = 2002 and so on, then relate the primary key to year field in the main Table. I'm just wondering whether all this fuss for so little is worthwhile. Is it going to make a performance improvement? Or should I be doing this a completely different way. Thanks for any advice
  11. Panic over, I've found the answer myself. Use a target tag. Using '_top' breaks outside of all the frames it is nested in and opens the link in the top document in the browser window. <a target="_top" href=" --- Enter Caspio URL here --- " id="Logout_button">Log out</a> Hope this can help someone.
  12. Does anyone know if it's possible to have the logout link working from inside an iframe on a webpage? At present, I've positioned the usual logout link in the iframe but I can't seem to escape the iframe when I try to logout. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know any code for collapsing or expanding sections in a Pivot Table and a Tabular table? For example lets say that column 1 is 'Regions' and Column 2 is 'Countries'. The pivot table table is set up to show all regions and all countries expanded. I'd like to set up a button outside the results table to be able to collapse all countries, all in one go, to just show region totals, without having to go through each region individually. Many thanks in advance.
  14. I have a simple pivot table with 'Years' field across the top and a 'Regions' field and a 'Countries' field down the side. The regions field is collapsible, so the User has the choice whether or not to show the countries inside each region. So far so good. Problem is that In the regions column I want to be able to show selected regions with the collapsible option, but I also want to show (in the same column) other selected regions which do NOT have the collapsible option and therefore just show the aggregate total of their countries. I know this is not a regular option, so I'd be willing to use javascript. Can anyone give guidance on the code to use to access selected fields and records in a pivot table, and also how to apply/remove the 'collapsible' feature at runtime. Many thanks
  15. I have separate search form and results datapage on one webpage. Is it possible to move the download data button, currently at the top of the report datapage, over to the search datapage? I've tried using CSS, but can't seem to escape the report datapage boundaries. I've also tried to extract the appSession link that's attached to the download button (using inspect element in Firebug), and assign it to a button I created on the search datapage. This worked for a short while until I realised that the appSession link is only temporary, so my download button on the search datapage stopped working the day after! Is there not a more permanent link for the datadownload that I can apply to a button? Thanks for any guidance.
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