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  1. @Ashfak, you can use your browser's Developer Tool and/or FireBug to determine the exact ID of your form element. You may also refer to Caspio's Guide with regard to form elements http://forums.caspio.com/index.php?/topic/4377-js-guide-caspio-form-elements/
  2. You can try the solution given on the link below. Please take note that they separated the selection by "OR" and not ";". You can try to modify the code and make the necessary adjustments. Afterwards, You can use the second virtual field as the Email Field on your acknowledgement email.
  3. You can use your browser's Developer Tool to determine the element ID of your listbox. You may visit this article as well for more information on Caspio Form Elements.
  4. Is there a way where we can modify the "Update" button? I would like to add a functionality on it wherein it updates the records then close the window afterwards. Is this possible?
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