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  1. The signature pad is developed using Javascript, is it possible that scripts in squarespace is affecting your signature pad.
  2. It's great to hear that it is now working. Note that since the signature pad is created using Javascript, common issues usually arise when there's a problem with the browser. A system restart or clearing your browser's cache usually helps.
  3. I see. For the phone number formatting, you can use this (assuming Phone is of Data Type Integer): <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('FIELDNAME').innerText = '[@field:Int]'.replace(/[^\d]+/g, '').replace(/(\d{3})(\d{3})(\d{4})/, '($1) $2-$3'); </script>
  4. You can use conditional forms to hide/show specific fields based on a condition: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/conditional-forms/
  5. You can create another table, something like "Saved_Items" and it would have columns like, User_ID, Item_ID, etc. This could be a child table of your User table and Item table. Then, have a customized button that when clicked will saved the details in this table. You can use an auto-submit form to to this Then, create another Report DataPage, where you will filter the contents of the table using the User_ID (you can use the authentication if you have) to show the saved items.
  6. You mean when you have a website you've built from ground up? Nothing too concerning. DataPages are embedded using standard HTML codes and the backend part of it happens in Caspio Bridge. As for your webpages, it should be able to accept any embedded DataPages without any issues. One thing to consider is when you deploy a DataPage as iFrame, it has a limitation of not being able to pass parameters around. So, if your application is quite dynamic that involves parameter passing, it's better to use the standard embed method.
  7. How did you edit the code to display a text? Could you provide a screenshot as well?
  8. Weebly is best when you want a front-end that could handle your applications. Caspio applications work well in Weebly. Wordpress on the other hand is best if aside from your application, you are also producing other content such as blogs, etc. There's an existing shortcode to deploy Caspio Applications in Wordpress. I haven't tried Squarespace yet. This will depend your application and the functions that you have in the application. Before using Weebly, I built my front-end site in Wix (where it looks very pretty). Problem is that Wix won't allow parameter passing. I moved to Weebly when I saw some of the tutorials.
  9. When you say "ignore in the search criteria" do you mean the DataPage should not produce a result when "-Select-" is selected in the dropdown? If so, you can make "-Select-" have a blank value in the dropdown. Then, enable Required on the field. See screenshot below.
  10. When we enter space through the keyboard sometimes it is ignored by the platform (just like any other system). I suggest using &nbsp; if you need to have a space value in the future. Space and &nbsp; are basically the same, the latter part being the encoded version of space.
  11. Typically, CSS in Weebly themes affect a lot of elements in DataPages. The Responsive Page code shouldn't affect the other elements as it does not reference those. Let me know what happens.
  12. Yes, it should've worked with spaces. But, Ned's solution in using &nbsp; is a lot better because DataPages are generated into HTML files which sometimes ignores spaces typed in keyboard. No worries, roattw! You can always ask questions here in forums as we probably experienced some of the issues while creating our own applications.
  13. You can add a Timestamp column on the table, then filter the result to "Today" on your DataPage.
  14. Does it have the same problem when accessed using the Direct URL? There might be some styles from your webpage that is affected the DataPage as the preview is the same as the deployed. Could you share where you deployed the DataPages?
  15. Just to clarify, when the Submit button is clicked, you want the record to submit, then logs-out the user? Where do you want to redirect after log-out? You will need to create a custom submit button if that's the case. Please confirm so we can explore JS options.
  16. I see that all settings looks the same. One work around you can do is create a blank record in the table itself. You can put in spaces, then set that as a default option.
  17. Is there any difference between this dropdown from the others which has blank default value? Different in the structure of the lookup table perhaps? Have you tried not clicking the check? Also, try putting in a space in the value as well. I am trying to recreate this on my end, too.
  18. It is not possible to pass parameters from an iframe to a parent page as it is located in a different window/domain.
  19. You could enter a space (" ") in the Display so that it still reads a value. To make this default, make sure that you click the check button after adding the black option.
  20. When you set-up the dropdown field, do you only pull values from Lookup tables? There should be an option to have both Lookup tables and custom values. Under custom values, that's where you set the default value.
  21. Do the images show when you view the DataPage in preview or the direct URL?
  22. All CSS customization can be found under Styles. Edit your current style, choose any of the elements then click the Source tab. You'll find the CSS used in the style. You can add your custom CSS here. After adding your style, you should see User-defined Styles under DataPage elements.
  23. JayMont

    embed code

    Moreover, Caspio uses the standard <embed></embed> HTML tag, so you can deploy your DataPages anywhere on your webpage as it will be recognized as HTML tags. Of course, as mentioned by Mathilda, you should embed between the <body></body> tags.
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