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    JayMont got a reaction from TWIRED in Third party template sites and Caspio - some better than others?   
    You mean when you have a website you've built from ground up? Nothing too concerning. DataPages are embedded using standard HTML codes and the backend part of it happens in Caspio Bridge. As for your webpages, it should be able to accept any embedded DataPages without any issues.
    One thing to consider is when you deploy a DataPage as iFrame, it has a limitation of not being able to pass parameters around. So, if your application is quite dynamic that involves parameter passing, it's better to use the standard embed method.
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    JayMont got a reaction from JEllington in Digital Signature on a Mobil device   
    It's great to hear that it is now working. Note that since the signature pad is created using Javascript, common issues usually arise when there's a problem with the browser. A system restart or clearing your browser's cache usually helps.
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    JayMont reacted to GoCubbies in H3 banner to match tabular report banner   
    Just want to add this additional information.
    Note that HTML Tags styling is ignored for embedded DataPages. If you edit your style, and choose HTML tags, you will see that message at the bottom of the page.  For URL or iframe deployment this will not be a problem though.
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    JayMont got a reaction from JEllington in H3 banner to match tabular report banner   
    All CSS customization can be found under Styles. Edit your current style, choose any of the elements then click the Source tab. You'll find the CSS used in the style. You can add your custom CSS here. After adding your style, you should see User-defined Styles under DataPage elements.
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