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  1. Thanks Vitalikssssss,

    Yes, that explains how to filter a results datapage.  But the problem I face is that I'd need many many datapages with their own tailored filters to achieve what I need.  I'm trying to drastically cut down on the number of results datapages by trying to have some control over filtering using JS or jquery.  I don't really care whether the code directly affects the Tables, the Views or the datapages, as long as I can have some control using coding.



  2. Does anyone know if its possible in JS to dynamically change the filters applying to a Table or View that's linked to a datapage?  I have several checkboxes for Users to select from, and the selections can drastically alter the types of filters I want to apply.   Essentially I'm looking for much greater control over the results table than the Caspio wizard screen filters can allow.


  3. Hi

    I have 3 fields;  'Year', 'Product' and 'Price'

    I want to be able to show a results table with 'years' across the top, 'product' as a column and 'price' as the data that's relevant to each year and product.

    I also want to be able to multi-select the 'Year' field in the search page, so that only the User's selection of years is displayed.

    I know I can do this with a Pivot Table, but this option isn't included in my subscription package.  Is there a way that any of the other reports can be used to show this?

    Thanks for any help!

  4. Morning,

    I'm trying to use cbResetParam=1 on the end of my webpage URL to reset internal parameters, and normally this works fine

    But this time I'm giving the instruction from inside my search form which is in an iframe, and nothing's working.  Should I be applying 'cbResetParam=1' to the webpage URL, or to the scr URL (as I've tried to do below)?

    At the moment I've put the following code in an HTML block of my search form and run it off a button.


    function myResetFunction() {

    document.getElementById('https://c2ect538.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=b8a94000367dd...').src += '&cbResetParam=1';



    Many thanks for any help...





  5. Hi,

    I've got 3 result datapages.  Each is a tab in an iframe container, that I've created using the Caspio embeddable tabbed interface code.


    1) Does anyone know how I can reference and control the default tab?

    2) How can I call / select a particular tab from outside the iframe?


    Thanks for any help!

  6. I've been successfully passing parameters from a submission form, deployed as embedded in my web page, to a tab structure that contains several datapages for the results.  This tab structure (also deployed embedded) is based on nested iframes and was built using Caspios embedded tab interface  


    So far so good.


    Recently I modified the submission form by putting it in a tab structure with other submission form datapages.  But this time I used the Ajax approach suggested by Caspio (http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/create-tabbed-navigation-for-multiple-datapages/) because I was told that this would be more reliable for passing parameters than using a second iframe embedded structure on the same web page.


    So in summary I have submission form tabs (Ajax based), passing parameters to nested iframe tabs

    Unfortunately the parameters which used to be passed are no longer being passed.


    Any ideas?

  7. I've built an embedable tabbed interface that contains 3 iframe tabs, using the standard Caspio code http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/create-embeddable-tabbed-interface/.


    One tab is a pivot table, another a tabular report, the other is a list.  I've deployed the whole interface using the embedded option.  But how can I make this whole package responsive?   Do I apply Caspio responsive code to each report separately, to the interface, or what?


    Any help appreciated.


  8. HI All


    I've been trying to get my collapsible sections on a submission form to work with checkboxes.


    I've seen the 2 previous posts on this:








    ... but I can't seem to adapt the coding to make this work.  At the moment I have everything working successfully with buttons, exactly as described in Caspio help.


    Can anyone help advise?

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