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  1. I already have this selected however a) that doesn't do what i need because i need to be able to see what user is accessing what information therefore only 1 username can be associated with each ip address b ) this doesn't work in my situation because my database is embedded into an i frame so the authentication is only on the first screen however once you login you are redirected to other pages so i would be unable to terminate the session because they technically arent logged in at that point, i just collect there ip address for each thing they select so i can interpret the information.
  2. I need to restrict my login to 1 IP address. I have it collecting the ip address when the user registers, however i dont see any way to an additional field to my authentication. Is there Some sort on work around for this? Basically i am trying to prevent people from sharing there login credentials with another person.
  3. Unfortunatly That wouldnt Do What i need. Because i use the tally sheet(which is currently a paper one) to Pay the customer also so they have a copy Of What they sold.
  4. I has been given this task and unfortunatly i cant wrap my brain around how to go about it. I need to create a Tally Sheet. Basically there will be assorted items on a page and i need a simple button that will add (1) to the Qty which should be displayed next to it. Im including a link to a website to demonstrate basically (not exactly) what i want to do. It needs to be as simple on the front end as possible. http://textmechanic.com/text-tools/numeration-tools/online-tally-counter/ All i want to be able to see when deployed is each diff item and a +/- and the total. Not even sure if this is something possible or not. Its being used when we purchase products at our facility by a 'buyer' and it will ultimatly keep track of how many of which items were buing so i may; pay the customer we are purchasing them from and add them to our inventory. Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated!!!
  5. I need a way to add a remember me check box that will allow my users browser to remember there authentication. i know there are several ways to do this. however i'm not able to get the caspio authentication to receive this information. i believe the easiest way to do this would be with cookies however i'm at a loss and i need to get it done. Could anyone please advise me on the most effective way to do this along with the script and how to implement it. thank you.
  6. ive set it to redirect to a home page with links to all of the pages.
  7. It is a Mobile App that is downloaded to your phone. i could send you the raw build and you could download to test. just excuse the appearance its far from done. im just trying to work this out first. i would just need an email address or mobile number to send it to.
  8. I Have 4 Separate data pages that share 1 authentication. my first problem is i cant get the data page to stay logged in while its in an i frame. unfortunately i have it deployed on a mobile app and the only way that it will work is in an i frame. any other deployment method and i get error UNSAFE REDIRECT My second Problem is that i have cross app login enabled, which works perfectly with URL or html deployment so i know its properly set up, however i can not get it to work in my i frames. I'm sure the problem is in sending the parameters because I've had to switch to string quarry strings however i cant find a way to pass the password as a parameter. Any Ideas on how to fix it so the customer doesn't have to log in in each window?
  9. it is set to same page already. that is why i'm not understanding why it keeps taking be to a different datapage. and possibly i wasn't specific enough. i doesn't always take me to Page B. It seems to Randomly Choose one of the 3 to log in to. I can log out of C and it Takes me to A then i log out and back to C log out takes me to Page B etc. its completely random, and sometimes it does take me to the same page but not as often as i takes me to a different one.
  10. I have 3 Data pages that use the same authentication. when i log out it is set to return to same page, however i shuffles through the 3 pages. ill log out of Page A but when i log in (which should take me back to page A) im suddenly on Page B. Am i missing something?
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