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  1. Hi, Code will be different for an Update and a Submission form I've edited your code, you can use the following code for a submission form: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculate() { var v_length = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordLength").value); var v_width = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordWidth").value); var v_area = (v_length * v_width); document.getElementById("InsertRecordArea").value = Math.round(v_area); if(v_area >100) { window.alert("Too large.. Please enter smaller dimensions"); return false; } else { window.alert("Thank you.. Information is registered!"); } } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=calculate; </SCRIPT> If you need to use this code on the Update form, replace the prefix “InsertRecord” with “EditRecord” in the code. Hope it helps.
  2. Hi Jim, I've never faced problems with passing parameters in wordpress, but wordpress styles sometimes cause problems. So probably you would need to change or delete attributes to customize Styles.
  3. Hi, There is a standard setting for this. You can find this setting on the last screen of the wizard. So, open "web form wizard-destination and emails" screen and on the destination after record update select "Close window"
  4. Hi Amy, Probably using javascript on Meteor is not allowed. Can you enable it? Or use iframe deployment, it should help.
  5. Hi, Probably you've set "Login redirection on success:" page B Edit your authentication and expand advanced settings. Select "Same page" for login redirection on success
  6. Hi, Consider using the following solution. Deploy datapages in different html files. Set up redirection for each datapage. So, datapage1 should redirect to the deployed datapage2 and so on. You could use the html code for the webpage like in the example below: <ul> <span> <li><a href="index.html" class="selected">Manage Members</a></li> <li><a href="eprofile.html">My Profile</a></li> <li><a href="profile_password.html">Change Password</a></li> </span> </ul> Take a look at the live example of using this html code in the membership directory ready made app. This example doesn't contain redirection, but I think, you'll get the idea. Hope it helps.
  7. Hello Joenn, You could add criteria to the date field on the search form. Use compassion type "AND" between criteria. The first criteria - "Grater than or equal" Second criteria - "Less than or equal" You can find more information about criteria here Then on the results page enable data grouping for the "date" field. Select "Month" in the date rollup. Please find more information about grouping here I use this criteria very often in my report datapages. Also consider using pivot report, if it works for you.
  8. Hi, I would recommend you editing styles, associated with the datapage. Edit styles-> source->all Find a class .cbResultSetTable and change "width" attribute. Find a class .cbResultSetTableCell and add "height" attribute. Also you could edit padding attribute. Try this solution, I hope this helps. Do you use a site builder? Sometimes Styles of the site builder overrides Caspio Styles, because their styles have attributes with "!important"
  9. In case of using multi-select cascading listbox fields in search form, I would recommend you using one report datapage without separating search and results page. As far as I know, it's impossible to use only search page, taken from a report datapage. Search page passes parameters only to results page on the same report. Of course, you could hide the results page, but it will not solve the problem with redirection and passing parameters.
  10. Ok, then I guess we can just make the table be a block element. It should do the trick: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js "></script> <script> function Displayer(n) { $('#Section'+n).slideToggle().css("display", "block"); } </script>
  11. Hi, please read the article http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/parameters/how-to-separate-search-page-and-results-page-into-two-different-webpages/
  12. Hi, The parameter names which you pass from MachForm and recieve in Caspio form for fields, must be the same. You can find more information here Also to add data to the table, the form must receive and submit data. Try auto-submitting a datapage. You can find a solution here I hope this helps.
  13. Hi George, Consider using Google Analytics for this purpose. There are many, many customizations and reports there, and of course you will be able to track number of people who visit the page. You can sign up for a free account here. You will receive a few lines of code that must be added to your web page headers.
  14. Hi, Yes, you can set timer in milliseconds. I'm glad that my solution was helpful Regarding your question, as far as I understand, you'd like to collapse/expand only listbox field instead of whole section. You may put only listbox field in the section. Do not use label for this field, use html block to add a label. So, when you click on the button you will be able to see only expanded listbox.
  15. Hi Joenn, Sure, it's possible. You should use calculated field in Aggregation. Add "Totals and aggregation" and select a calculated field. On the "Advanced" tab select "All groups" for "Group-level aggregation"
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