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  1. What kind of validation do you need to do? In case of checking that entered number is between a specific range or checking that date is not in the past, this can be done before record is inserted, however if you need to check that value is unique in the datapage, this can be done only when record is inserted. You may also conciser creating a two step registration - create a submission form with only main fields which control uniqueness and then entering other info on update form. You may find more details here and here Hope that helps.
  2. Hi, Go to All assets->Files select all the files using a checkbox in the left top corner and delete files using bulk actions. Hope that helps
  3. You may check this post. I posted script for the similar inquiry there
  4. Try to redirect user to another URL and close the window on submit, You may try using the following code in the footer of the datapage: <script> document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=function() { window.open("URL"); window.close(); } </script> Don't forget to specify your URL instead of URL. Cheers!
  5. Hi Andre, I would recommend checking that French (Canada) region is selected in your localization. Week starts from Sunday for this region. Hope that helps
  6. Hi, this solution requires creating a sql function, which is not possible in formula or calculated field. I usually post my requests which fall out of standard behavior here, you may post your idea there as well
  7. Hi, you may try specifying an URL where both datapages are deployed on the Destination and triggers screen of the submission form (select go to a new webpage option) Also you may insert a record directly on a report using inline insert feature. You may find more details here
  8. What type of the datapage you use? If it's a details, you may need to check padding for the .cbFormLabelCell and .cbFormDataCell classes
  9. Do you use login page with redirection? I would check the correctness of the URL. If you use relative path, try specifying the complete URL
  10. Hi, what is the size of the file? The limit is 150 mb for importing. Also, as far as I know, you can import tables only, macros cannot be imported.
  11. Hi, Can you give an example how you store data? Do you store each technique in a separate row? If yes, you could try using sql count function in a calculated field on a report datapage (formula field doesn't support sub-queries) E.g: SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM table_name WHERE ID = target.[@field:incidentID] You may find more details here and here
  12. Hi, you may find a few examples here If you prefer reset button, check this article
  13. Try using the following code in the header of the datapage: <style> .cbGridCtnr > .HeadCtnr > .Table, .cbGridCtnr > .BodyCtnr > .Table, .cbResultSetNavigationTableCellspacing.cbResultSetNavigationTable { width: 100% !important; } </style>
  14. Hi Messy, You may use cascading elements, this will let you filter accounts, associated with a user. Please find more details here
  15. There should be a way, but I'm not sure if it's possible on a front end, you may want to contact this team, they should be able to do that
  16. Hi, This should be possible with zapier (e.g.:connection with mailchimp) or you may utilize caspio notification email. You should update all the records to run an email on update. Add a test field and update a field using bulk edit feature on report Hope that helps.
  17. I would create two datapages with different localization and redirect user to the correct one, depending on the authentication parameters, like in this solution
  18. Hello Messy Drop-down form element can be selected for a field on a datapage. You can find more details here
  19. As far as I know, only fields which are being used for Value and Category can be selected for the chart sort order. You could also try using chart and report type of the datapage and count needed values in calculated field, then use that field for Value and default sort order.
  20. Hi, I tried this code, it works for me. I would recommend checking that: - you specified correct fieldname in the code; - code is inserted into the footer of the datapage and your datapage is a submission form; - there is no errors in browser's console (hit F12 and select Console tab)
  21. I would use calculated or formula field for this case. Is there a separator (e.g. comma) between street name and number?
  22. You may hide a standard button using the following code in the header of the search page: <style> #searchID { display:none; } </style>
  23. Since this is cascading field, try to get a field value by name, please find an example here
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