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  1. You may ask them, as fa as I know, they implement small projects as well
  2. What type of the datapage you use? You may have a look at this post in case of using results page
  3. Hi Anthony, welcome to forum Have you considered changing the background color of form element? You may want to check this post, I provided code for a drop-down on a submission form. What form element do you use?
  4. I edited your code a little bit. Try using code below: <script> function myfunc(){ var select = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").value; if (select == "Fail") { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").style.background = "red"; } else { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").style.background = "black"; } } document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").onblur=myfunc; </script> Hope that helps Cheers!
  5. As far as I understand, you pass Group ID to the datapage, you may receive this parameter in a field for bulk edit mode. This way, when bulk edit is enabled, you will see passed value in the field. Does it work for you?
  6. Try specifying the compete path like http://yoursite.com/personal.html Also make sure that you deployed the datapage using embed deployment, because iframe deployment will not let you leave the iframe, as it's considered as a separate element on a webpage
  7. You may check your formula fields in table, I suppose that you submit a value in a field which causes error in formula
  8. Try using double quotes for the URL of the datapage: "https://c4ect907.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=e5295000169646ebdc934a6e96d4?Keyword_ID=[@field:Keyword_ID]"
  9. This datatype cannot be used as a parameter. However you may use java script and grab data from the list datatype and place into the virtual field, then include virtual field in the email body. Have a look at this post. The same script can be used for this case as well. Cheers!
  10. Try using .net deployment method. You may also add your subdomain to the list of trusted sites.
  11. I have a few ideas. The first one - you may try using pivot table (if it's available for your plan) another Idea: create a report datapage using table where account type is a unique value, then get other values (account balance, invoice) using sql queries in calculated fields. Hope that helps
  12. You may have a look at this post. I use script from that post in my datapage and it works like a charm
  13. Hi Ajay, You may have a look at this solution. Try to create a virtual fields and for value Yes - specify an URL of you submission form, for value no you may e.g. redirect user to the home page.
  14. Hi, Try placing css into the header of the datapage: <style> #caspioform tr { border: none !important; } #caspioform td { border: none !important; } </style> You may also place additional elements if needed. Hope that helps!
  15. Hi David, As far as I know only one field can be set as parent. Why don't you want to have one more cascading step with State? User selects Sector, then State and values in Name field will be filtered according to selections in those fields.
  16. Regarding hiding multiply login forms, you may have a look at this article Since you use grouping, "inline insert" cannot be enabled for your report. However, if grouping is not very important for you, you may try disabling groping and enabling inline insert. IMHO this is best option for this case, because you can insert data directly on report
  17. Hey, I would recommend creating a report datapage using table with students (where each record is unique). Then insert calculated field on results page and run SQL query like that: select Top(1) CONVERT(VARCHAR(32), Datefield, 1) from table_name where studentID = target.[@field:studentID] Order by Datefield Desc
  18. Try using HTML of delete button, provided here Hope that helps
  19. Hi Russ, I can check your datapage if you don't have sensitive info there. Please paste my script without any changes into the footer and send me the URL of the datapage.
  20. As far as I know this kind of triggers can be done on the server side only. You may contact this team, they should be able to implement this workflow
  21. Hi, you just need to pass parameters to autosubmit datapage. This post should be helpful
  22. Hi, I took a solution from this post and added a small script which will replace commas with semi column. Here is script which should be in the header: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.3/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> window.onload = function multiselect() { var a = document.getElementsByTagName('select'); var index; for (index = 0; index < a.length; ++index) { if (a[index].size!==0) { a[index].multiple=true; } } } </script> And the following script should be in the footer:
  23. Hi Russ, welcome to forum! Try inserting the following code in the footer of your search form: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function check() { var first= document.getElementById("Value1_1").value; var second = document.getElementById("Value2_1").value; if (( first.length === 0) & ( second.length === 0)) { window.alert("Please enter a value in a field"); return false; } } document.getElementById("searchID").onclick=check; </SCRIPT>
  24. Why don't you use rules? You can add a virtual field to your details page and make this field receive value from the comments field. Then create a rule: when virtual field is blank hide field Comments. Please note, rules can operate only with editable fields, therefore I would recommend using the second solution from this article to hide the virtual field You can read more regarding rules here
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