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  1. Have you tried to fire the script when the cascading element changes? $("[name='cbParamVirtual7']").change(function(){ f_copy_print_address('cbParamVirtual7', 'cke_EditRecordShipToAddress'); });
  2. douvega

    Submit button not working

    Hi Nikki, I could think that there may be a syntax issue in the header. Anyways, if possible please share the datapage URL so we can look at it to try to determine the cause. Regards
  3. Hi Robin, That is something we would like to have, but currently caspio emails are sent upon a user action as you mentioned. However, I am working right now in a way to send notifications when certain conditions are met, without any action from the user but I am using third party services to send the email through its API and then calculated fields in a tabular report to compare todays date with all the other conditions. In your case, since you have an expiration date set, you could use a formula field and DateAdd() function https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/ to have dates with 30 or 90 dates before the expiration date. Then you could have a tabular report and put your API code to the email delivery service you chose, (I am using MailGun), do not forget to deploy this datapage. After this, create a cronJob to open this datapage accordingly so the script runs by itself. Hopefully in the future, Caspio would create a way to do it with no hassle but at this time, this is the only way I have found. Maybe this could give you some light. Good luck!
  4. This is the current link: https://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/hiding-multiple-login-forms/
  5. douvega

    Show or Hide a div based on virtual field in html block

    Hi, Your original code seems to be right but just a little detail in the first line of your script. You have document.getElementByID with uppercase ID, change that part to document.getElementById and let us know if it works. Regards.
  6. douvega

    Default value at table level

    Hi, Interesting task. Triggers may not be an option for you as you say you will be importing csv files into Caspio. What I could think is that you may have a formula field in your table with the following code: CASE WHEN Len([the field]) = 0 THEN 'YOUR DEFAUL VALUE HERE' ELSE [the field] END It means, in your datapages, you will use this formula field to display data. We are saying that if your field is blank, then use the default value but if it is not empty, then use the value entered. Let me know if that makes sense.
  7. douvega

    HTTP REST API File transfer gives 400 in windows?

    Are you sure you have authorized your Caspio API profile to read, insert, update or delete accordingly?
  8. douvega

    Payment Integration

    Caspio can integrate any other third party service that provides API access,
  9. douvega

    Payment Gateway

    Hi Sheik, I have succesfully integrated 2Checkout Payment Gateway with my Caspio apps through the API. You should consider it as an option. In any case, you should get Caspio Professional Services or an independant developer to do integration. Regards.
  10. Hi, This seem to be a many to many relationship since many movements could belong to many wrestlers. To do this, you need to use an intermediate or third table. So you have, Wrestlers and Movements tables. Each of these should have their own key (GUID for wrestlers and Autonumber for Movements would be fine). The third table should be called something like "Wrestler_Movements" with basically 3 fields, ID, Wrestler_Rel_ID and Movement_Rel_ID. Please Note, in this third table, you will only store keys not values, this way you will have access to all fields from both tables in the same view if needed. Then, you need to create the relationship, from Wrestlers to Wrestlers_Movements and from Movements to Wrestlers_Movements, at this point you have a many to many relationship created. You can use this article as a reference. When creating the relationships, I would advise you to check the "Display Value" box and select a meaningful field for you, you will see the importance later. After doing that, open the Wrestler_Movements table and start linking Wrestlers to Movements. Then, you can use the Wrestler_Movements as a dropdown source using Security filters in your datapage. I hope it helps.
  11. douvega

    Any Programmers for Hire

    I would disagree. Upwork takes 20% and when you reach certain amount, it gets down to 10% which is the case when you are interested on building long lasting relationships through your excellent work. I think it is worthy the protection level you recieve in both sides, as a company and as a developer, resolving disputes and some other benefits. I have also posted jobs and I have not received any spam. Plus, there are good developers, cheap ones are not recommended though, usually not good english and poor logic sense. My answer was oriented to provide an option, the final customer can decide what is the more convenient depending on their needs but as developers, we should not judge but provide options.
  12. Hi, Maybe you are trying to make a cross table calculation by using the calculated field, in such case, you can write the calc field formula and then by ussing some CSS, you could hide the calc field column and use a HTML Block to create your link using the calc field data as it will be available from the parameters dropdown list. I hope it gives you some light towards the most appropiate solution.
  13. douvega

    1 email after submitting several records

    Hi there, The way I would do it is by adding a sort of Status to your process. For example, when the work is done, user should mark a check box on or select the process status from a dropdown. Then, using JavaScript, track when status is changed to the one that should fire the email. When the file meets the conditions, then insert the email value(s) in a virtual field and assing this virtual field to the "To" option in the email wizard in the Caspio datapage. The JS solution would be something like this: var dropdownField = document.getElementById("YOUR_FIELD_ID"), emailField = document.getElementById("YOUR_VIRTUAL_FIELD_ID"); dropdownField.onchange = function(){ var ddValue = dropdownField.options[dropdownField.selectedIndex].value; if(ddValue == "YOUR_DESIRED_VALUE"){ emailField.value = "EMAIL_YOU_ARE_TRYING_TO_SEND_THE_NOTIFICATION_TO"; }else{ emailField.value = ""; } } You can place this in the DP footer. Do not forget to include the code between the script tags. <script>THE CODE DESCRIPTED ABOVE</script> I hope it helps.
  14. douvega

    Any Programmers for Hire

    You can also post your projects at https://www.upwork.com You will find very good developers
  15. Why dont changing the format in a way both regions can understand? Instead of 01/08/2017 make it 08/Jan/2017? Hope it helps.