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  1. Thanks @sandy159. I have a hunch a script I have in the header/footer may be the culprit. I will investigate further. In the interim, I've set up rules on the Details page so that Update and Back buttons only appear until users verifies all fields. It's a bandaid fix for this odd behavior. I'll update this thread if I figure out a better solution.
  2. I have a Tabular Report Datapage for which I have enabled editing on its Details page. I would like user to be able to edit a field, click the Update button, and stay on the Details page to continue editing other field if they wish. Currently when Update button is clicked, user is taken back to the Results page of the Tabular Report. I've tried setting Destination after record update to be "Same Form", "Display Message", and "Go to Results Page" but nothing keeps user on the Details page for the same record that's being edited. Any ideas?
  3. Any updates on this? CTRL-F5 and clearing cache may work sometimes but is confusing for our users that are not as computer savvy, and I don't believe that's platform agnostic guidance either. So, any alternative solutions would wonderful to hear. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @Franchiser. I'm wondering-- can you explain why it necessary to uncheck the "Enable HTLM editor" checkbox? I've experimented with having it checked and things still seems to work ok.
  5. Thanks @MayMusic for the information. I've since created a Details datapage that summarize the user input and has two buttons-- one that allows them to go back to the Sincle Record Update page, and another button (labled "Confirm Submission") that actually logs out the user. Depending how this solution works in real life, I may end up using your much simpler solution. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks @Carlson. I'm using a Single Record Update data page, but will explore building out a Details data page, like the one you mentioned above. That said, I wonder on the feasibility of hiding the default "Update" button, then creating another button that is labeled "Submit", but have it be the logout link on the backend. II've hidden a search button before using this code in the header: <style> #searchID { display:none; } </style> ..and so far I seem to be able to hide the Submit button by replacing #searchID with #Mod0EditRecord. Now I think I need to find out how to make a button that both submits and logs out the user... I'll update this thread once I've explored a bit.... Thanks again!
  7. I'm working on a Single Record Update data page. Is it possible to have automatic logout upon hitting the update button?
  8. I'm creating a form with several cascading elements. There will only be one result after the cascading happens. I'd like to retrieve this result but I'd prefer to hide it from the user who is completing the form. Is this possible? Edit: I'm guessing it would be best to simply make a view and then pull any parameters as needed, but it also seems like there might be a way to retrieve results by passing parameters. For the moment I've constructed a view that achieves what I need, but would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions on this front.
  9. Thanks @Vitalikssssss. That link is full of very useful information. I think the JS solution does the trick. Thanks too to @Franchiser. I was able to solve this via CSS as well, using this code provided elsewhere in the forum (link): <style> #searchID { display:none; } </style>
  10. This works perfectly. Thanks @Mathilda.
  11. The above code works wonderfully, and enables a little more flexibility when it comes to layout. I wonder, is it possible to do hide the default "Search" button? I'm attempting to incorporate a search page where there is a "Reset Search" button next to a "Search" button.
  12. Thanks @Franchiser. I'll explore the CSS code a bit. Unfortunately the site is behind a login screen, so I'm unable to share that out.
  13. I've been exploring the possibility of adding a script in the header and/or footer that "hides" the Search button but not having much luck yet. It seems like the cbSearchButton class has a dynamically generated suffix preventing a hard coded script from consistently hiding it. Here's an example of what I've tried so far: <script> document.getElementById("[cbSearchButton]")[0].style.visibility = "hidden"; </script>
  14. I've added a "Reset Search" button in a search page and wonder if it's possible to have the "Reset Search" button be on the same line as the "Search" button. I'm looking for something like figure A in the attached image. I know how to add an additional "Search" button thanks to this thread and I've come up with this code: <div align="center"> <input class="cbSearchButton" id="searchID1" name="searchID" type="submit" value="Search" /> <input class="resetButton" onclick="window.location='[my_URL]'" type="button" value="Reset Search" /> </div> However, though the above looks like what I'd like, I would then need a way to hide the original "Search" button, which I don't believe would be possible.
  15. I'm setting up an automatic email upon completion of a form. One of the fields in the form is a list-string data type. I'd like to provide that user-inputted data in my automatic email but that specific column is not listed as option in the Insert Parameter→Data Source Field options. I have been able to manually type in my list-string data column. However, the results I get are only the numbers of string in my list, and not the strings themselves. [@field:myListStringColumnName] Any ideas whether it's possible to include within the body of an automatic email the user provided data from a list-string data type column?
  16. Thanks for your reply. Source data is number data type, so decimals, but consists only of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 values (so 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, or 5.0). I wonder if I should used a different data type for this column. I'll investigate... thanks again.
  17. X-axis values on my chart are repeating themselves. In the attached example, I have four courses, all of which are either 3 or 4 credit hour courses. I'd like to have values 1, 2, 3, 4 but instead I'm seeing each number multiple times. I should note that I am formatting the X-axis values to be number type, with a comma. I've experimented with taking away any formatting for the X-axis value but then I get decimal numbers (see attachment). Is there a way to just have a 1, 2, 3 and 4 in this example?
  18. Thanks @Vitalikssssss-- that helps!
  19. I came across this article recently-- 6 Security Policies to Customize in Your Caspio Account -- and saw the following: I can't seem to find instructions anywhere for setting up this kind of functionality. By chance, can someone point me in the right direction?
  20. Thanks @jhernandez . I'll incorporate what you highlighted. Thankfully, my data set has date info, so not too much extra work. I'll post back if I can discern any performance impact. Thanks again!
  21. I have a View based on about 6 related tables. One of these tables has about 60,000 records that span the last 20 years, which is by far the largest table. I really only need the last 5 years of data from this table for Caspio purposes, so I'm wondering if it might be worth it to archive any data in that table that's older as a means of improving performance. That said-- unless there's a huge performance boost, my preference would be to create a View that filters out all years from prior what I need.
  22. Thanks-- that works perfectly. Shame on me for not seeing that setting option as well. I appreciate your help!
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