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  1. In case anyone comes across this post, I did finally find an answer to my question. If I deploy the style to hide the column in the header of the WEBPAGE (vs header of the caspio page) then I can conditionally hide columns. Based on what page I am on, I hide different columns. Works perfect!
  2. Yes I have followed a previous post of yours to hide some columns that done need a condition. It's when I add the condition that I don't know how to make it work.
  3. I would like to hide a column in a tabular report IF it meets a specific criteria. I have looked at several forum posts including the following: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-dynamically-change-the-background-of-a-results-page/?_ga=1.209653078.530491687.1457713192 and Currently I have the following script added to the footer: <script> var isi = document.getElementById("visi[@field:CFC_zones_OPM_Name]"); if('[@authfield:User_Table_WGAusers_Access_Level]' == 'Finance'){ isi.style.display = 'none'; } </script> Help would be appreciated.
  4. The fields are number fields and users need to input those three figures, management + fundraising + total revenue. Sometimes they will enter the number with a dollar sign and I want to remove that if it happens. My script is then calculating a percentage based on the figures they are entering on the page and then displaying that percentage to them. So I need something that can remove any currency symbols or commas because it conflicts with my other script and the math doesn't calculate correctly.
  5. I have three fields in an Update Datapage (ManagementExpenses, FundraisingExpenses, and TotalRevenue) that I need to format as only numbers (no currency symbols), if someone enters $11,500.51 it would render 11500.51 or $1,500,000 would render as 1500000. I then use the numbers on a separate onchange function that calculates a % based on the three numbers in that same page. Could anyone help me with a script to remove any currency symbols if the user inputs them? I appreciate the help!
  6. I have a script that formats the phone number input to a particular mask, which works great. There are three fields in this Datapage that need the same masking script and currently I have copied the code three times and simply changed the field that it refers to (code below). I am wondering if there is a way to add an array to this so that if you update either the Finance_Phone, Primary_Phone or Additional_phone the script will run. That way the full script is on the page only once and not copied three times. function f_a(v_id) { return document.getElementById(v_id); } f_a('EditRecordFinance_Phone').maxLength = 14; f_a('EditRecordFinance_Phone').onkeyup = function(v_e) { v_e = v_e || window.event; if (v_e.keyCode >= 65 && v_e.keyCode <= 90){ this.value = this.value.substr(0, this.value.length - 1); return false; }else if (v_e.keyCode >= 37 && v_e.keyCode <= 40){ return true; } var v_value =(this.value.replace(/[^\d]/g, '')); if (v_value.length==7) { this.value = (v_value.substring(0,3) + "-" + v_value.substring(3,7));} else if(v_value.length==10){ this.value = ("(" + v_value.substring(0,3) + ")" + v_value.substring(3,6) + "-" + v_value.substring(6,10)); }; }
  7. I ended up fixing this with another method. I hid the button in the style and then created my own button that could be hidden with a rule.
  8. Hi MayMusic, I have had this script working on my pages for a while now. I recently changed some of my workflow so that the webpages now include a navigation menu that is a datapage in and of itself. This has made some of the script stop working. I've used this tutorial recommended by support to help me troubleshoot some issues. How can I rewrite this simple script which had been working prior to deploying a second datapage: <script> if (document.getElementById('EditRecordAppLocked').checked){ document.getElementById('Mod0EditRecord').style.display="none"; } </script> Any thoughts about how to use this with an .onload function that can then call the correct datapage by adding document.forms[1].onload to the script....
  9. Thanks! Outside of replacing the ID of my field what more would I do with this code? I am not a developer so I don't know how to change code. I copied the code and referred to the ID but don't know what more needs done to get it to work.
  10. How can I limit the number of words in a text area? I know I can limit the number of characters, but I need to limit the words to 25 or less and display an error message is the user tries to submit a statement that is more than 25.
  11. I have used the Caspio tutorial for adding a digital signature (http://forums.caspio.com/index.php?/topic/4693-js-adding-a-digital-signature-to-a-submission-form/). The signature is working great, but I want a way to disable it if the user has already "signed" their submission. I can use rules to hide the signature portion, but I cannot submit the page without the user submitting a new signature. This is the code for the signature capture: <canvas class="pad" width="218" height="55" style="margin: 0px 0px 0px 100px; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; border-color: #bbbbbb #dbdfe6 #e3e9ef #e2e3ea; -webkit-border-radius: 1px; -moz-border-radius: 1px; -o-border-radius: 1px; border-radius: 1px; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; background-color: #FFFFFF;"></canvas></br> <span style="margin: 0px 0px 0px 264px;"><input type="reset" class="clearButton" value="Clear"></span> <input type="hidden" name="output" class="output"> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $('#caspioform').signaturePad({drawOnly : true}); }); $("#cb_sign_wrapper form").submit(function(){ $("#InsertRecordSignature")[0].value = $("#cb_sign_wrapper .output")[0].value; }); </script> I want to disable the signature if the field has already been completed. Has anyone done this already and could provide the code?
  12. I have a single record update form deployed on my webpage which contains an iframe inside an html block on the parent page. This iframe collects a signature. I need help getting the signature to pass to the parent page once the iframe has been submitted. How can I pass a parameter from an iframe to the parent page it is deployed in?
  13. Yes! Thank you for catching such a silly error. I had to change a few other things but this was a simple oversight.
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