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  1. Hi, is it possible to incorporate SEO friendly URLs into deployment e.g. so each details page can have something like http://www.iloveapples/variety/grannysmiths instead of http://www.iloveapples/variety.html?id=23 Whats the best way to do this? Anyone know if its possible? No mention of it in the documentation that I could find. Thanks!
  2. Ah OK, thanks MayMusic. Not sure I would call it a bug though. In SQL Server and many rdbms it is quite a normal scenario to allow NULLS on fields involved in relationships as a foreign key. In fact, I am very surprised this is not implemented by default in the DataPages of Caspio, and I would say the bug is more likely the other way around - the tables are behaving correctly, and the DataPages incorrectly. But I am not a Caspio expert, just someone from a db/programming background.
  3. Thanks MayMusic But if I do what you suggest then when I define the relationship it is described as 'indeterminate' and relational integrity is not available.??
  4. Thanks for the suggestion MayMusic, However it is not the primary key field I have a problem with, its the foreign key field. I dont seem to be able to have an empty value in the foreign key field when using a Data Page, only when editing a table directly. I dont understand why nobody else has mentioned this, perhaps I am missing something. I would have thought it was a common thing to do. The only workaround I can see is to have an additional value in the lookup table for "Unknown"
  5. Hi, hope you can help I am getting "data integrity error" when using a dropdown list to enter a value for a field that is in a relationship. Basically I want to give the user the chance to enter nothing, i.e. NULL, i.e. not pick anything from the dropdown list. But this does not seem possible on a data page, even with an additional custom value set to empty. So, how do you default to no value when editing with a dropdown? The same problem doesnt seem to exist in when i enter data directly into the table in bridge. In such circumstances there is no obligation to pick from the dropdown list Thanks Richard
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