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  1. Hi guys, thanks in advance for taking a look at my question. First a brief overview of what our site does: We have a database of construction projects in AZ that tracks project information, contacts etc. Users can search the Database with a variety of different options: Market Sector, Owner, Zip Code, etc etc. We have the option for users to created a Saved Search so they can just run that search every day instead of inputting their search criteria every time. Our developers have created a "Daily Digest" which uses a code to run those Saved Searches and send an email once a day to a
  2. Ok so I have a search function that runs as a multi-select. The search options look like this: Project Status: Awarded In Planning In Design Under Construction Project Completed Project Canceled There's a lot more than that but that's the general idea. What I want is to have a checkbox that says "Search Completed/Canceled projects?" and only when that checkbox is marked yes should Completed & Canceled projects be included in the search. If they run the search without that box checked I want all Completed & Canceled project to be omitted from
  3. Hi guys, I have what will probably be a simple question but I can't seem to work it out. Essentially I have a Checkbox called ConstructionContractAvailable? and what I would like to have happen is when a field called Prime Contractor is not blank that Checkbox will uncheck. All of this is in the same table and datapage. When I try it I get the Recursive Call warning. All I want is when there are words in the section called Prime Contractor the checkbox unchecks itself. Is this possible? I've included a picture of what I did (that didn't work). Any advice would be great.
  4. Ok so I haven't been able to wrap my head around the authentication options. Essentially we have a user and an admin group, each user and admin have their own username and password. Then we have datapages that display information on various construction projects (we're up to around 400 projects and counting) to everyone, but they look a little different on the admin and user side. Currently nothing on the user side is editable, it is all display only. What I would like to do is to create a "User Notes" section where each user can add their own notes to a certain project and then only they
  5. So this is something that has been addressed a couple of different times but not of the Javascript solutions work for me. I have an update page that has 3 listboxes with multi-select enabled. I need the update page to display the multiple selections in the listbox separately and not in one long sentence separated by commas. Here are two of the different scripts I have tried to use, neither has worked. First: <script> // Function for selecting corresponding elements from the list box. function select_ (){ // get listbox element var o_els = new Array("EditRecordSt
  6. I have created a page submission form with Estimated Value & Estimated Value 2 which displays like this on the details page: Estimated Value: $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. However to get both numbers to display in the table without being next to each other and making the table huge I have created an HTML block like this: [@Estimated Value] [@EstimatedValue2] The problem with tha
  7. I used the instructions here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-creating-collapsible-sections/ to create a collapsible section in my details page. Is there a way to change what the button looks like to fit in more with the rest of my styling? I have created an image that I can use as the button (which works fine) except that the mouse doesn't change into the hand when it's hovered over the image and I think my users need that to know that it's a link. Is there a way to tell the image to do the cursor: pointer thing? Thanks for loo
  8. Hi Matilda, Thanks for responding. I was actually speaking about the zoomLevel sections. When I'm having the map plot by Latitude and Longitude the map is always zoomed in as far as it can go no matter what I set those three sections to. Thanks!
  9. I am trying to use the Map Mashup to display addresses, everything works fine with latitude and longitude set up except that no matter what zoom option I choose, if I use AutoZoom, the map displays as all the way zoomed in. If I don't use autozoom the zoom settings work but because my addresses are all over the state I can't set the homePosition to always be displaying the map marker. Is there a way to use the Latitude and Longitude feature but also have it only autozoom to around 14 or 15 as opposed to 20? If not is there a way to change my homePosition relative to where the marker is p
  10. Thanks May, can you explain the HTML option a bit more. Essentially we have contact listed in a tabular report page usually with just phone numbers, occassionally those phone numbers have extensions. What I would like is to either have the extension directly in the phone number field or to have a column in the table that is labled EXT. that disappears when that information is blank for all information pulled into the table. I need the extension information to show up once they click details if there is one. Thanks for all your help!
  11. Is there a way to hide if blank on a report table? I can only find it in the details section.
  12. I have the Javascript in our submission form to format the phone numbers to this format: (123) 456-7890, but sometime I need to add an extension to that. Is there a way to edit the Javascript so that I have the option to have it look like this: (123) 456-7890 x123. I don't want to have a separate column in the table to add an extension because they aren't always there and it will show up funny in the results tables. Any thoughts?
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