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  1. I am trying to build a div-based table in a Tabular Report. I have deleted all of the fields and included a Header/Footer and HTML block. I have turned off the HTML Editor which kept closing my <div>s automatically Problem: Titles (cell header) don't line up over top the grid properly. The first one covers the entire table and the next three are pushed right as though they are being added after the table. I'm confused. I thought I'd be able to build table-based divs with the HTML blocks of Caspio. *********************************************************************************** The header block: <style media="screen" type="text/css">.table { display:table; } .row { display:table-row; } .cell { display:table-cell; padding:2px; } .header { font-weight:bold; text-align:center; } </style> <strong>[@field:tblProduct_strProductName]</strong> <hr /> Sample Size: [@field:tblProduct_dblSampleSize#]&nbsp;[@field:tblProduct_strSampleSizeUnit] <hr /> <div class="table"> <div class="row"> <div class="cell header">Field 1</div> <div class="cell header">Field 2</div> <div class="cell header">Field 3</div> <div class="cell header">Field 4</div> </div> *********************************************************************************** The HTML Block <div class="row"> <div class="cell"><strong>[@field:tblProductAssay_strAssayName]</strong></div> <div class="cell">[@field:tblProductAssay_dblNormalLow#]-[@field:tblProductAssay_dblNormalHigh#]&nbsp;[@field:tblProductAssay_strNormalUnit]</div> <div class="cell">[@field:tblProductAssay_dblAMRLow#]-[@field:tblProductAssay_dblAMRHigh#]&nbsp;[@field:tblProductAssay_strAMRUnit]</div> <div class="cell">[@field:tblProductAssay_memIFU]</div> </div> *********************************************************************************** The footer block </div>
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